Taking care of oral health is very important as it is a part of your overall health. In the US, one out of four adults suffers from tooth decay, and half of them have infected gums. Oral health problem is also widespread in NYC where children suffer from untreated tooth decay problem. Hence, it is essential to take care of your gums and teeth problems like tooth loss or cavities right from your childhood. There are specific healthy tips you should follow to stay away from such issues like brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, use floss to remove if anything that has got stuck between the teeth stays away from sugary items do not chew tobacco or smoke and visit your dentist regularly. There are some distinguished dental care services which you can consider attending.

Go for quality care

When it comes to selecting one of the NYC Dental Services for your family, you can consider visiting Tribeca Dental Care where you will find a perfect combination of appropriately educated and experienced doctors and staffs who provide individual attention. The head of the clinic Dr Alla Dorfman has graduated from the New York Dental School. Its expert and friendly staff members offer you a wide range of services that will cater to the needs of your family. All kinds of dental needs starting from essential check-ups to cosmetic treatments, here you can avail the best services under a single roof. They offer their patients the latest treatment for all procedures. Out here, the staffs encourage you to visit their clinic regularly and make you feel at ease. In NYC, it is perhaps one of the top dental clinics that effortlessly combine the best dental service with personal care.

Dental services

Some of the individual services you get to avail here are:

  • Cosmetic dentistry – This includes teeth whitening, gum lifting, bonding, Invisalign Clear Braces and veneers
  • Preventive dentistry – Digital X-Rays, preventative periodontal treatments, dental checkups and cleaning
  • General Dentistry – Crowns, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, tooth fillings and inlays and onlays
  • Tooth Replacement – Dental implants, Dentures (false teeth) and partial dentures, crowns and bridges and mini dental implants

The financing options

For most of the people, any tooth problem means an expensive procedure that extracts thousands of dollars from the pocket. Even if you have insurance coverage, it hardly pays off. Typically, such dental policies cover regular preventive check-ups twice a year and a fraction of the expensive procedures like the root canal. This is one of the prime reasons why most Americans refrain from visiting a dental clinic. But some NYC Dental Services like Tribeca Dental Care offers you a lot of easy finance options that will bring you mental peace. They have tried to keep the treatment cost affordable, and here you get to avail specific benefits like:

  • Customized agreements for payment when the insurance coverage is not enough
  • Interest-free finance options for two years
  • A discount of 5% for the person making an advance payment
  • They accept all the major credit cards, checks, cash and Care Credit