The parallels between meditation states sought by sober yogic traditions for millennia and hallucinogenic plant sentience unlocked by magic mushrooms prove strikingly similar – both catalysing temporaries yet deeply meaningful ego dissolution and interconnected being. So, do psychedelics act as shortcuts revealing core mystical realizations reflected in achievement of Buddhist non-dual awareness or hindu unity states described as pure unbounded consciousness – nirvana? This metaphysical inquiry explains key commonalities along the path while warning no external agent substitute internal devotion demanded by such lofty spiritual plateau seeking.

Magic mushroom parallels to meditation

Neurologically, MRI scans confirm psilocybin containing mushrooms create activity closely resembling advanced meditative jhana absorption or samadhi demonstrating their channelling of equivalent biological mind states.

  • Heightened interconnectivity – mushrooms forge new neural connections between regions not typically communicating for fluid cognition receptivity similar to how skilled meditators tap creative flow states
  • Time dilation – subjective time perception stretches to feel hyper-present centeredness very much akin to deep concentrative states where one pointedness manifests outside habitual mental looping

Considering these phytochemical actions evidently stimulate the same mental platform generating non-conceptual presence through traditional techniques, legitimacy exists framing magic mushrooms as vehicles towards the same outcomes, albeit for briefer glimpses until integrating revelations through applied spiritual practice. So, buy shrooms online and make use of it.

Risks misinterpreting psychedelic insights

Caution bears mentioning however against over anthropomorphizing plant sentience qualities as external saviors offering instant salvation without comprehending dualistic traps of seeking permanent sybaritic salvation through phenomena still bound by impermanence. No exogenous technology stimulates otherwise mundane neural circuitry into sudden persistent enlightenment despite profoundly meaningful recognition they provide of normally obscured energetic layers enveloping perceived reality behind the veil of conceptual thought operations. While undeniably gifts toward metaphorical mountain tops for clearer bigger picture perspectives – panning out vantage points if you will – merely admiring the view proves infinitely distinct from taking up true spiritual residence with total presence which demands full transcendence of limited personal identity.

Clarity after the comedown

Like afterglow fading post-meditative absorption states, retaining benefits from temporary non-ordinary mushroom consciousness obliges actively working insights gained into daily being – lest assimilation to consensus normalcy slowly reabsorbs one back into ordinariness. Sustaining awakened mindsets requires utterly re-patterning engrained reactive behaviours into conscious proactive responses, none of which manifest automatically enduringly despite fantastic visionary feats momentarily achieved. Periods between ceremonies offer opportunities demonstrating applied philosophical wisdom through unconditional compassion towards others and radical self-honesty diminishing internal debates over who benefits from spiritual practices – the ego or soul.

While powerfully direct portals, magic mushrooms ultimately just offer passing glimpses behind that which remains ever invisible – much as fingers pointing to moons are no substitutes for looking towards skies directly through dedicated presence cultivating mental mastery inseparably married with actions not requiring external sacraments. So, enjoy mystical glimpses behind the cosmic curtain as blessings and inspiration to devote towards truth ever accessible here and now. Though unlikely a sole panacea for salvation, when respected graciously, mushroom guided journeys teach much about consciousness. Just don’t mistake transitory experience for permanent embodiment that bridge gets built through persistent applied effort not periodic chemical vacation alone!