Organic molecules are more complicated when compared to the inorganic compounds. The organic synthesis has developed as important and special branches of organic chemistry. There are different varieties of research are available in the part of the organic synthesis. They are:

  • Total synthesis
  • Semi-synthesis
  • Methodology
  1. Total synthesis

The complete chemical synthesis of complex organic compounds from commercially available like petrochemical, simple chemicals or natural precursors is called as total synthesis. The total synthesis is performed in two ways. One is called a linear synthesis and another one is convergent synthesis.

  • Linear synthesis: In this synthesis, the compounds undergo several steps to get the complete molecular structure. The chemical compounds formed in each step are called as synthetic intermediates. Each step in this reaction is differed to modify the starting compounds.
  • Convergent synthesis: If the molecule is more complex, then this convergent synthesis is used. This method involves individual preparation of various pieces and finally combined together to form the desired products.
  1. Semi-synthesis

Semi-synthesis is mainly used to produce the novel compound with different medical and chemical properties from natural sources like plant material or microbial cell culture. This semi-synthesis is mostly used to produce many medicines easily and cheaply when compared to the total synthesis because it requires only fewer steps to complete the process.

  1. Methodology

Methodology research involves three main steps. They are discovery, and studies of limitations and scopes.

  • Discovery: The discovery needs excess knowledge and experience with the chemical reagents.
  • Optimization: The process of testing one or two starting compounds in the reaction under various conditions of solvent, temperature, reaction time, etc until the optimal conditions for product purity are found. This process is called optimization.
  • Studies of limitations and scopes: One should have knowledge about the products limitations and scopes. Have the knowledge about the uses of the chemicals in the industry.

The specialty of organic synthesis

Organic synthesis is one of the special branches of chemical synthesis.  The synthetic organic chemist can able to replicating the molecules of living nature and also create new pieces like them in the laboratory. The chemist can apply various technologies and strategies to develop different molecules. They are not only analyzing the structure and properties but also analyze the various uses in everyday life.

The world gets dramatically changed in the last few years due to scientific discoveries and technological developments. Lots of experiments are done and explore a lot of useful things. The chemical technology develops well and now it can able to save the extinct species and also try to develop the same species with their natural activities. This is very difficult and takes lots of processes to get the final results.

Organic synthesis is the wonderful process which helps to save the natural species and also able to produce molecules like the natural one.  This is one of the best developments in the technology which helps to produce a variety of medicines for severe infections.