When you go for IVF treatment the success rate is extremely important. Spending a huge amount of money on various IVF cycles totally affects your budget. Some couples are lucky that they achieve success in their first cycle of IVF but for others, it’s a long journey.

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Various Things You Need to Know before Going to an IVF clinic

Pregnancy versus Live Birth Rates 

Those women who are under 30 have a high success rate than the women who are over 40 years. Only 50% of pregnancies for the women who are above 40 years age will result in ‘live birth.’ You need to look at the clinic website for ‘pregnancy rate’ and ‘live birth rate’.

Blastocyst Cultures

Success also depends on the fact that blastocyst culture is used or not. Mostly the embryos are grown till the cleavage stage but most treatments involve growing embryos up to blastocyst stage. It helps the embryologist to choose the best embryos which have a good survival rate. Some clinics may show a success rate for blastocyst transfers only but you can ask them about cleavage stage success rate also.

Sperm Injections 

Male partners with low sperm count need ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). But if it is not clear if a patient needs ICSI the doctor can do half insemination via standard insemination and half eggs can be inseminated via ICSI.

IVF Clinics Which Are Cheap

Opting budget- friendly IVF clinics also affect success. In these clinics low- dose hormone stimulation is done so you have to spend less money on drugs. But few eggs are produced and sometimes these eggs are not enough to form an embryo and you may not get an embryo to transfer. You have to repeat the cycle again.

Proper Lab Standards

For the survival of the embryos, there should be proper lab standards. As these embryos are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and oxygen levels. This also affects the success rate of IVF.


Thus, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about the details which are involved in the IVF process for good success rate and live births.