How can I quit smoking? This is a question that many smokers are left grappling with after they have been addicted for some time. There are many suggestions all around on natural ways to stop smoking. However, many smokers complain of trying these solutions only to relapse back to smoking. Certainly, a better understanding of the practice of smoking is required, to enable people succeed in quitting. Below are some ideas.

Smoking Is A Habit

Smokers must understand that smoking is a habit. A habit is something you do repeatedly until it becomes a way of life for you. It is not just a matter of being addicted to the chemicals in tobacco. It is also about something that has been ingrained into your brain, to do every day. Sometimes the habit is harder to get rid of than the addiction itself. The question you should be addressing if you want to quit smoking is; what will I do instead?

Plan some things you will do in places where you don’t usually smoke. For instance you don’t smoke when studying in the library, watching a movie, playing football or singing in the church choir. Pack your day with these activities as you work on quitting smoking. Most of the time, you will realize that several hours have passed without you smoking. You can build on that every day.

Find Alternatives to Smoking

When your body begins to crave cigarettes, what do you give it instead? There are many commercial alternatives such as electronic cigarettes and chewing gum. The idea is to keep your mouth busy with something other than cigarettes. This approach does not work on its own. A combination of this approach with activities away from places where you smoke can be more effective. However, the ultimate way to quit smoking is to apply sheer willpower. So when you use these approach, you should continuously want to quit smoking for you to eventually succeed.

Social Support

Many people opt to form social support groups with others who wish to quit smoking. The difficulties faced by each group member are openly discussed. The success of some of the members in quitting, acts as an inspiration to others in the group. It is easier to work on quitting smoking as a group than as an individual. That is why psychiatrists highly recommend this approach. Still it is the individual willpower that carries the day where quitting smoking is concerned.

Every Effort Counts

For you to succeed in quitting smoking, you need to use a combination of all three approaches above if possible. You should also muster lots of will power to see you through. You should find lots of activities in no-smoking spaces to keep your mind off smoking. This will eventually break the habit of smoking. You should have alternatives such as chewing gum or electronic cigarettes instead of actual cigarettes. Finally, you should seek the support of other people who also wish to quit smoking. The shared experiences will inspire you in the drive towards your goal.