It is known to everybody that almond oil is filled with ingredients that are favourable for hair. But we are not aware of what it actually contains. We are unaware of its potential action on the hair. Let us know about it. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium and phospholipids.

Bajaj Almond oil will help in nourishing hair and strengthens the hair. It does more help in conditions of hair loss and hair damage. Adding this to your routine will help you achieve silky and shiny hair. It also takes cares of the scalp. It nourishes the scalp and maintains the temperature. As we are now aware of the components of the almond oil and its benefits, let us now know how to use it.

Step by step guide for using Bajaj almond oil

Wet your hair with warm water

The first step is to rinse the hair with warm water. This will make the hair soft. Almond oil will better be absorbed into the wet hair.

Comb your hair

Soon after you wet your hair with warm water, with the help of a large spoke comb remove the tangles. Your hair should be free-flowing which helps in the complete spread of oil throughout the hair.

The above two steps are very important in the conditioning of the hair with an oil treatment.

Heat the oil

In the third step, you are supposed to heat the oil. You can pour an ample amount of almond oil in a small bowl and heat it for 10 seconds if you are heating it directly over the flame. If you are comfortable with the double heating process, you can leave it for 20 seconds. Ensure that it doesn’t get too hot. Warm oil is needed as it will help in touching the outer cuticles of your hair. This requires a warm temperature.

Application of the oil

Take a small amount of oil into your palm and apply it to your scalp. It is very important to apply oil here as the root area of hair is present in the scalp. Use your tip fingers and massage into your head. This will help in inducing new hair growth. It is also very much important to condition the roots of the hair. Above all, it protects the existing hair. This will also prevent dandruff.

Spread the oil effectively

To spread the oil effectively to all parts of the hair, use a large spoke comb to spread the oil. Make sure you comb starting from the roots to the tip of your hair. When you do this you can know whether every hair or every part of the hair is coated with oil. Having a keen look to decide whether to apply a few more drops or not.

Cover your hair

When you have finished ensuring that your entire hair is applied with oil, cover it with the help of a shower cap and leave it for 1 hour. If your hair is very dry you can also leave it overnight. Leaving your hair with oil long hours will not damage your hair.

Use shampoo

In the next step, you have to use a shampoo to wash off the oil from the hair. Never ignore the usage of shampoo as it can leave your hair very oily. Shampooing the hair follows the same process which you followed for applying oil. Starting from the root of the hair apply shampoo till the tip of the hair.

You can rinse your hair and dry it. Check out how it looks once it is dried. You can experience a tremendous change in your hair. Follow the same oil conditioning technique with Bajaj almond hair oil, once or twice in a week horror and enhanced results.