Stress in today’s life has become a common feature. There is so much of work, so much of competition, so much of a need of upgrading that a time comes when our mind and our body give up the resistance and we face serious problems.

These are all stress related problems. But what causes so much stress?

  • Time Management Becomes Tough – It is not only because of too much work or odd hours of working that we are stressed, but we are unable to manage time to do any activities.
  • Eating Right Food – We do not find time to cook food and suit ourselves by eating junk food, which is not a very healthy option.
  • No Exercise – We can hardly find any time for doing exercise. Doing exercise is a great stress buster. Even half an hour exercise daily can do wonders for our health. But it is saddening that we cannot even take out that much of the time from our routine.

Due to all these reasons, our stress levels go on increasing. Stress also gives rise to various diseases and health hazards. But there is a very simple solution to this problem of controlling stress, which can be practiced sitting at a place, doing your office work.

‘Stress Ball’ a simple yet magical device has been created just for such stressed out people. Let us understand what is a stress ball and what does it do.

  • A stress ball is a small and softball made up usually of foam. Its size is such that it can easily fit inside our fist.
  • It is made up of different shapes like animals or fish or many other shapes and also come in very attractive and bright colors.
  • We just need to pump the ball in our fist. Doing this action constantly relieves a whole lot of tension.
  • Adrenaline is generated in our body when we are stressed out. Handling stress ball calms our adrenaline and relieves stress.
  • The movement of pumping the ball also requires contraction of muscles, which is also a wonderful exercise for your body sitting at one place.
  • This wonder ball also helps you to increase your concentration.

Although it is a small thing the ‘stress ball’ has great benefits. You can easily release your tension sitting at a place while doing your work. So don’t forget to keep a stress ball handy and become stress-free.