Gastric Sleeve in Mexico allows an individual to lose an enormous amount of weight by a simple surgery. However, an individual should fall under the category of 30 or above BMI( Body Mass Index).

In addition, there might be some scars that will be left on your body after the surgery. There are three types of Gastric surgeries, which are mentioned below.

  1. Single-incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)- In this surgery, a single whole is made through your belly button.
  2. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy- In this, there will be tiny 3 to 5 holes during the procedure.
  3. Open Gastric Sleeve Surgery- This surgery is performed with a big hole through the abdominal area.

As a result, the scars will leave different effects, which can vary from type to type. Everyone has a different set of experiences of recovering from Gastric sleeve surgery. Some patients have no scars within a few years, and some have scars in the long term. Other questions arrive in the mind of the patient, such as why do get hiccups after Gastric sleeve surgery.

However, advanced technology has made these surgeries much easier and less invasive. Hence, you will have just a little set of scars after the surgery. Although the surgery is safe enough still no one likes any scars on their body to be permanent. That is why here are some tips that you can follow to reduce scarring after the Gastric Sleeve scars.

Do’s and don’ts for Gastric sleeve surgery scars.

Some cautions can take after gastric sleeve surgery to remove the scars from your body in no time. Follow the guidelines given below and remove your scars in no time.

  • Try to eat food substance that contains protein in heavy amounts. This will help you heal faster from the surgery and have a good tone of the body overall.
  • Keep the area moist where you had the incision by ointment or petroleum jelly so that the area won’t get dry and heal fast.
  • Don’t expose the scars to sunlight because it increases the chances of having them for a long time.
  • Don’t smoke during the surgery and after that as well because it is the main reason for not having a healed body entirely.
  • Don’t ignore any hygienic activity. Clean your body and the scars well every day to get dirty and heal quickly.