What does technology mean to health world? It has been massively progressing for any kinds of departments in many countries. It enhances the quality of life for modern people. When it has come to health, we can see how technology turns out to be something so special in diagnosing and deciding the treatment and medication to patients. It needs compliment equipment and more experiments, but technology still contributes a lot to health world. One of the most notable contributions is radiograph. There are many kinds of radiographs methods used in health from X-Ray to CT Scan. Every radiograph has its own pros and cons. It also runs in dental clinics. Most of them also use depending on the needs and costs. If it only needs X-Ray, then they use X-Ray. The most used radiograph in Dental clinic is X-Ray. The use of X-Ray is to capture the graph of dental area of patients. The problem in using technology is when dentists or operators don’t care much about manual book. The most common mistake happened in dental clinic is when they don’t follow the rules. Thus, they have to be careful in using X-Ray. Here is how to capture the graph of dental area using Dental x-ray machines.

First of all, you have to prepare the machine first. Turn on the machine and then set it based on the manual book. Never skip the steps on manual book because all of the settings should follow there. You also need to prepare the dental chair for your patients too. Make sure that they are comfortable sitting in your dental chair before taking the X-Ray photograph. It is important to make your patients relax on dental chair because it could help the process easy to follow. Tell them to keep relax before the radiation comes. After setting the Dental x-ray machines, you have to make sure that the position of your patients has been correct and ready to put the X-Ray besides the mouth.

Some operators give small pieces for patients to bite during the radiograph taking, but some of them don’t give that piece. It depends on the needs of operator. If you want to get partial graph of oral area, then you don’t need to give something for patients to bite, but when you need full mouth graph, it is important to make it so. Dentists should have known about Dental x-ray machines too so the operator could understand what to capture.

For partial X-Ray, operator should not have to give the piece to bite. Sometimes, it just needs to make precision position of the camera besides mouth and then capture the graph right from there. Some operators also give piece to bite just to make sure that the position of teeth is right. If the dentists need to see the X-Ray of full mouth, then it needs piece for patients to bite. It is something that helps patients to keep opening their mouth for radiograph like X-Ray. It should be holistic taking when the examining process has come to full mouth X-Ray. This is a short explanation about Dental x-ray machines.