I currently stumbled upon a product known as Luscious Lips, which promised “complete, pouty, more kissable lips.”

I had visible similar merchandise round Asian beauty shops and chuckled, however little did I know there was actual technological know-how behind it. Apparently, those little devices shape a vacuum seal round your mouth, drawing fluid towards the lips, growing movement into the mouth place, making it seem fuller. (Does that count as technological know-how?)

I determined to perform a little more research, AKA emailing the adorable Marci (who instructed me this product has been around for a long time) and consulting my beauty Bible of opinions, Makeupalley.

The reviews stated Luscious Lips become official, however right here’s the maximum thrilling tidbit I picked up: you may seemingly achieve comparable consequences with a shot glass.

The premise is easy: observe lip balm, then vicinity the shot glass over your lips and suck.

I did it for 10- to fifteen-2nd intervals round five or six instances. You should be careful now not to overdo it, or suck too tough or too long otherwise you may get bruised. Wants to know how to get bigger lips but not with that cup, then you should use some safe  home ingredient that you find on Hira beauty tips. The things we do for splendor.

You can genuinely experience your lips plumping as you do this, that is satisfactory, due to the fact I like evidence.

There’s no denying that it really works, but you do get a hoop round your mouth from the shot glass. The ring subsides in around 15 to 20 mins.

Here’s the catch: the effects don’t really final. The-plumped up effect is going down in around  hours, though you could genuinely repeat. Unfortunately, it’s not some thing you could pop to the bathroom to do, until you need tell-tale symptoms of shot glass ring around your mouth whilst returning to the dinner table. That’s wherein Luscious Lips in all likelihood prevails.

However, for a few outstanding, albeit quick, average plumping, the shot glass may just be your new first-class buddy.