Eyelash extensions are quite overwhelming when you get to undergo the process and bear its results. The changes are very much evident, and you’d feel that your eyelashes are finally more extended than before. To make sure that it lasts longer, there are things which you have to do. These actions are necessary for the proper maintenance of the eyelash extension. For most beginners, they are not well-aware of the steps used in taking good care of the new lashes provided.

Maintaining the new lashes you have from an extension treatment is a way of seeking for better results. It also prevents you from any possible harm or damages which it may inflict either to your eyes or lashes. There are tons of ways that you can use for the recovery period. Like the eyebrow shaping Sydney like in Fancy Lash, you need to put consistency in leaving your lashes in good condition.

To give you some, here’s how you can maintain that long eyelash you have.

  • Don’t Let Them Be Wet For 24 Hours

After the extension procedure, be sure that you do not put any water into your eyelashes for about 24 hours. It is to ensure that your extended eyelashes will remain stable with your natural one. Also, it prevents the eyelash extension from causing potential harm to your eyes once irritated. If you are a sweaty person, take a rest for a while. The sweats are also water which may fall into your eyelashes at any moment.

  • Carefully Brush Your New Lashes

Your new eyelashes are quite delicate for a while. To prevent any twisted eyelash, it’s best to rush your new lashes. However, if necessary, you may do so, but be extra careful. You may not want to lose that long eyelash. And to achieve a natural looking eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash, for example, make sure that you keep them brushed so they do not tangle with one another making it look much fresher.

  • Use Face Wipes

As water is prohibited for a day to your new eyelashes, you may use face wipes instead. Wiped your eye area carefully as well. Be delicate as much as possible and keep your attention on the small details. When you clean, please do it gently to avoid any irritation as well.

  • Don’t Pluck Any Of Your Eyelash Extension

And lastly, you should not pluck any of your eyelash extensions. It is simply because it’ll loose strands of hair and make it much thinner. As the goal is to have thick and long eyelashes, leave your hands out of it as much as possible. Do not use eyelash curler for this one.


Final Word

These are the primary ways that you can use to make sure that your eyelashes are well-intact and will have more exceptional results after the cosmetic procedure. Be sure to use this as your guide especially for the beginners. Your eyelash is as essential as your eyes and taking care of it is a must. With the proper guidance, you’ll be in good to go.