While so many of us deal with the problem of hair fall, very few of us try to understand its reason. Basic reason being not having proper sleep and proper food, in turn, will affect in lack of proteins and nutrients. It is also called living an unhealthy lifestyle. People use different shampoos and oils in order to repair their hair. While also using gels and hair dryers and many other things to set their remaining hair. One must keep in mind that using this stuff will only lead to more damage to your hair and scalp.

Things you can try

Many times we just give up on our hair, it shouldn’t be done. We must take good care of them in order to make them healthy. Eating healthy food is the first step to look after them.  There is new shampoo minoxidal which is pretty much effective while giving you the proper treatment. You must read out the side effects and other things before using any product. There are some warnings about this product too. You must first read them and also learn how to use it properly. After using it once, you cannot just stop; you’ll have to give it some time. Everything starts showing the result after some time only.

What not to do

You should not use things which are harmful to your hair. Like not sleeping properly is one of them. Using hair cream and gel is the worst thing to do to your hair. While blow drying your hair with heat on will only make the situation worse. So in order to make your hair healthy, you have to stop these small yet very bad habits which are leading you to baldness. And before using any product for your hair, always consult and ask your doctor all the questions you have in mind.