No matter how young a person looks, once they have reached the age of 25, the first sign of skin ageing starts to appear. Besides doing a skin care regimen, seeing dermatologists in Singapore can also help reduce premature skin ageing and resolve early signs of skin problems.

Like getting an annual checkup, everyone should often see one since prevention is always preferable to cure. If you want to recommend a friend or a family member to see a dermatologist, listed below are some tips on how you can convince them.

1. Start A Conversation

Some people do not dare to speak what is on their minds first. If you want someone you know to see dermatologists in Singapore, start including this topic in your conversations and hear about opinions. Knowing their thoughts can give you ideas on how to persuade them.

2. Lead By Example

Another way to persuade them is to lead by example. Think of yourself like a pack leader, and they will follow. When you undergo a laser treatment for pigmentation, you can share a short clip of your day through IG reels. That is a subtle way of encouraging them to do the same thing.

Show How Self-Examine Works

Knowledge is power, and knowing how to self-examine can help detect early problems. Since skin cancer is common, early treatment in Singapore is necessary. Seeing a dermatologist can help confirm a person’s self-diagnosis and start getting treated immediately.

4. Invite Them To One Of Your Visits

Pictures and videos are not enough to change someone’s mind, so you should invite them on your next pampering day. Just accompanying you can help persuade them to give it a try.

5. Share How Seeing One Changed Your Life

A simple itch can be something else, especially if it is around genital or anus areas. You should know these are signs of STI, and getting a screening in Singapore can help determine and treat infected ones before the infection worsens.

6. Get Them A Skin Treatment Voucher

No one can say no to gifts, and giving your loved one a skin treatment voucher would give them enough reason to see a dermatologist at least once.

Whether you plan to get a laser treatment for pigmentation or a surgical procedure for melanoma, dermatologists in Singapore can perform either since they specialise in skin diseases.

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