Breast Reduction surgery can help you achieve a proportionate and natural looking breast. Although, some women are completely unaware of what the post-operative recovery period is really like. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for surgery is vital; so here are some tips for Breast Reduction surgery recovery.

Wrapping It Up!

As soon as the procedure is finished, your plastic surgeon will gently wrap up your breasts in surgical gauze. This gauze will help protect your incisions through the healing process. The dressing is normally left on for at least a week until your review appointment with your surgeon.


While it might be incredibly tempting to go after those cheap, overseas cosmetic procedures in places like Mexico and Thailand, you should ALWAYS look for the safest option. Overseas clinics have little to zero standards for safety and hygiene and are usually unaccredited ‘establishments’. Thus, your chances of receiving a botched plastic surgery procedure are far higher than if you sought surgery within Australia with Dr Safvat breast reduction surgery Sydney. You have the best chance for a comfortable recovery and minimal scarring by seeing an accredited and experienced plastic breast surgeon. Don’t risk your life just to save money!


Generally, patients are fitted with surgical tubes that are left in for one night in order to drain excess fluid that builds up following surgery. In most cases, the drainage lasts for two to three hours and will help manage swelling. Your plastic surgeon will tell you when the drains can safely be removed.

Surgical Bra

A surgical bra isn’t the most attractive thing to wear, but it is incredibly vital for the healing process. Before you leave the surgical clinic or hospital, you will be fitted with a surgical bra, and you will have to wear it for several weeks in order to keep your breasts in place while your incisions are healing.

No Pain, No Gain

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure and like all surgeries you need to expect some pain and swelling for several days — to a few weeks — after your operation. The pain that you will experience after surgery is probably going to be much less than what you expect to experience. Experiencing some tenderness and bruising is completely normal. Although, if you are uncomfortable or experience excessive pain contact your surgeon immediately; he/she may prescribe you a temporary course of pain medications to help relieve the symptoms.

Take It Easy

You might feel more attractive and comfortable after your surgery, but it is essential to let your body rest and not to push or expect too much from your body in the early weeks following surgery.  Patients usually return to their routine two to three weeks following surgery. Although, keep in mind that it can take up to 18 months to completely heal and for the swelling to decrease and your breasts to settle into their position.