You should be able to return home on the same day as your breast enlargement surgery. If you need additional aftercare, you will most likely have to stay overnight in the hospital. Your plastic surgeon will go over your breast enlargement recovery in detail with you and tell you what you can and can’t do during the recovery period.


Some scarring and bruising on the underside and around the breast is normal following surgery. Nearly all of your breast enlargement scars will diminish around the six to the seven-week mark; although, every patient is different. Generally, the body will continue to heal up until around 18 months. Your surgeon should thoroughly explain what kind of scarring you should expect following surgery.  


You may experience tingling, numbness, swelling or sensitivity in your breasts for several weeks after your surgery. From six weeks, your implants should start to feel more natural; although recovery time may vary from patient to patient.

Week One

  • Expect swelling and discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Fluid leakage
  • Painkillers may be necessary

Week Two

  • Your stomach area may feel swollen as the swelling moves down the body
  • Bruising stabilises
  • Pain is at its worst from 3am-6am
  • Pain is less common in the daytime

Week Three

  • The majority of swelling fades
  • Some pain is expected at nighttime

Week Four

  • Skin numbness is normal
  • You will experience a tingling sensation around the nipple area

Weeks Five & Six

  • A lesser dose of painkillers may be necessary
  • The last 20 percent of healing occurs during this time

Week Seven onwards

  • The final 5-10 percent of the swelling fades
  • Breasts feel more natural, smoother and softer
  • Scar tissues gradually fade and relax


You should minimise stretching and strenuous activities for the first six weeks following your breast enlargement surgery. Your stitches will be removed once the healing process begins. After your breast enlargement ensure that you do as little as possible. Following the first ten days, you will experience the ability to have more free movement. You can start low impact cardio exercise, following the first month after surgery. However, if your breast implants have been positioned under the muscle, you should avoid pectoral exercises for the first three months.


Wear a sports bra throughout the day and night for at least the first six weeks following your breast enhancement surgery. Depending on how you heal, you may need to wear it for up to three months. It’s recommended to sleep sitting up, which can impact the quality of sleep experienced. Even if you sleep for eight hours, if the quality is poor it can affect how efficiently your brain functions.

Women who have had breast enlargement surgery should have an MRI scan three years following surgery, then every two years after that, as a precaution.