One of the words that may pop up into your mind when asked about how the world is today might be the word stressful. The society today seems to have a lot on one’s plate that one never stops working and making it seem like sleep is now a luxury to have, that when one sleeps it equates to having a lot of time —which is a wrong perspective.

Being stressed nowadays is not a shocking news to anyone, perhaps while reading this, you are at the edge of your sanity and is trying to work things out by researching. A perfect routine for a good night’s sleep doesn’t just mean letting go of the stress, it also means getting better sleep. This is what this article aims for— to help you out in finding peace and good night’s sleep despite being swamped.

Plan For Tomorrow: To-Do List

What people mostly do in their bed during sleep is have a run-through in their heads for tomorrow’s work or dues—which should really not be done while on the bed, especially if you are hitting of the sack. So, if your mind is having a race inside your mind with everything you have to do tomorrow, sit down and write it all down.

Life coach, Heather Monahan expressed the importance of creating a to-do list, she stated that when you create a to-do list of what you want to accomplish, it will allow your mind to let go of the tasks for the time tomorrow. She also suggested having a pad of paper near you in case you need to add stuff. Which, in this way, you won’t have to get out of bed and worry all night.

Put Your Gadgets Away

If there’s one thing of technology’s downhill of its benefits is that people get addicted to it and tend to spend more time scrolling through their social media or watch some series which disregards the right time for sleeping. In addition to that is the blue light that the gadgets emit through the screen which makes you unable to fall asleep due to the restriction of the production of melatonin, a hormone essential for making us sleep and stay asleep.

It is recommended by life coach, Kali Rogers that your gadgets should be turned off or put into a “Do Not Disturb” mode between 8 and 9 p.m. By doing this, you can truly wind down without outside disturbances.

Try a Guided Meditation

Ever heard of meditating? It is an act of quieting the mind which would surely help you out in your pre-sleep routine. There are also other guides to help you out such as the better sleep guide to know more about better sleeping tips. Also, there are many types of meditation to help you with, so find the meditation that would fit you.

Furthermore, life coach Rogers suggested having a guided meditation app which consists of different meditation like deep breathing meditation which will get you more in touch with your body and will help calm the nervous system.


Sip on some relaxing tea with a soothing music on and with a relaxing scent. By doing just these small things or any of them wouldn’t make this so small. Life coach Rogers says that by doing these things, it inherently gives you a calming feeling together with a Zen environment which you set-up for yourself. This is why make yourself a cup before bed, sit down and read some books and let it work its magic.


Creating a pre-sleep routine is easier than being an irritable and sleepless zombie. You just could search up better sleep guide and other sleeping tips then there goes your healthy sleep information being loaded into your brain.

Additionally, once you figure out the best relaxing bedtime routine for yourself be sure to stick with it for your body to get used to it and instantly relaxes when the sleeping time comes.