Counselling and examination in case of unfulfilled desire to have children belong to the regular medical treatment and fall into the reimbursement obligation of their health insurance. This also includes the assumption of benefits of measures of artificial insemination. Accordingly, each married couple has a 50% reimbursement claim after prior approval by the health insurance, provided that certain conditions are met, and there is sufficient chance of success. Private health insurance companies are not necessarily bound by the reimbursement guidelines of the statutory health insurance but are often guided by it.

How to get the best fertility specialists?

Before beginning the treatment, top fertility specialists will prepare a corresponding treatment plan for submission to the health insurance. Prerequisites for the reimbursement of the statutory health insurance companies are

  • They have to be married to each other
  • Both partners must be at least 25 years old
  • The wife may not have committed her 40th birthday, nor the husband his 50th birthday
  • The unfulfilled desire to have a baby must not be the result of sterilisation
  • This leaves 50% of the costs for the medical services and the necessary medicines for which you pay as own contribution
  • Some public health insurances now subsidise an IVF or ICSI with up to 100% and also deviate

What restrictions are there?

Unmarried couples have according to the regulations as mentioned earlier no right to reimbursement of their statutory health insurance. In these cases, the treatment must be billed as a private service. Further formal and medical details on the condition, type and scope of the facilities were precisely formulated by the regional authority of health and medical association if there is any.  According to this, measures for artificial insemination may only be carried out and reimbursed by a doctor authorised for this purpose with sufficient chance of success and after specialist advice and the issuing of a referral.

Conclusion: IVF treatment and you

Other diagnostic criteria like spermiograms and blood tests must be met before the treatment plan is drawn up. Frequent, the treatment complementary additional services such as cryopreservation of oocytes in the pronuclear stage, the laser treatment of oocytes or a genetic examination of oocytes are generally not covered by the health insurance. If you are searching for the best affordable IVF Los angles fertility clinic, then you should take the critical point in account that, is the clinic is covered by the medical insurance terms and policies or not? If yes then go ahead and receive the best treatment in the town.