All branches of Science are interconnected; they embody what we call organic unity. Like a jigsaw puzzle, without the other, our understanding of the matter will remain vague and incomplete.

Chemistry, the science that specializes in the field of chemicals, for instance, is an integral part of medical discoveries. Since most drugs include the use of different chemical substances, chemists play a vital role in achieving accurate evaluations of them. In fact, the most historical breakthroughs in medical science have used chemistry resources to come up with correct and truthful analyses. As chemical understanding expands and deepens, humanity is provided with glimpses of life, nature, and all the intricacies of the world.

The Handmaiden of Medicine

During the Medieval Period, a time when alchemy is on its peak, chemistry is referred to as “the handmaiden of medicine.” In fact, medicines themselves are regarded as the product of the union between Biology and Chemistry. For the longest time, Chemists have been scrutinizing the compositions of drugs, analyzing drug interactions, and identifying their effects on the body. Over the course of history, many medicines have already been introduced, destroyed, and improved through the guidance of this science.

Contributions of Chemists to Medical Science

Chemists are the ones responsible for understanding the chemical nature of drugs. Since the human body itself is a chemically-induced natural machine, interactions between different substances within the body is normal. However, there are chemical interactions that are toxic and might cause pain, disability, or even death to the host. Because of chemists, we are provided with knowledge on which medicine is safe to consume and which is not. Because of these, the continuous progress within the medical field has presented us with alternatives to combat certain conditions and illnesses.

Also, chemistry has a role in diagnosing diseases. Through biochemical tests, a chemist can easily identify the current medical condition of an individual and recognize the cause and possible solution to it. Along with the different branches of Science, chemistry is our locomotive towards scientific innovations and breakthroughs.

A Word of Advice

If we were to recourse history, we will come up with an endless list of how this branch of science has led to different discoveries that had changed man’s life and perception of the world – whether intentional or by accident. Ignorance of these pieces of information could equate to unwanted results that you might end up regretting. If you are currently experiencing something in your body, be sure to consult a chemists and any available pharmacist in the nearest drug store before buying anything. After all, the human body does not exist in a vacuum.