The long battle between HGH and cancer is still continuing. There are all kinds of views about the use of HGH supplements and progression of cancer in users. Women however face a critical danger as many studies associate breast cancer with HGH. According to The Independent, women with high level of growth hormone are at increased risk of breast cancer than others.

HGH for women has always being in limelight as, growth hormone is always taken is male centered. The Independent based its conclusion on 17 studies results that found the association between insulin like growth factor 1 and breast cancer development. It was found that women with higher IGF1 are at higher risk of suffering from oestrogen-dependent breast cancer.  Such women are as much as 28% more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

The level of IGF-1 is significantly affected with the growth hormone in body. The secreted growth hormone from pituitary gland on reaching liver stimulates the production of IGF-1. There are no solid proofs that HGH causes breast cancer but the risk is higher.

Can HGH Trigger Breast Cancer?

There are evidences that suggest that the use of HGH supplements by women under medical supervision causes breast cancer. In some women who use HGH excessively causing an outburst in growth hormone level can suffer from conditions like acromegaly that increases the risk of malignancy.

Also women who suffer from breast cancer and are not aware of it can enhance the progression of cancer by using HGH supplements. Another important factor that plays a role in breast cancer is the body weight. If your BMI is not healthy then you are at higher risk of breast cancer. Make sure to include nutrition foods in your diet and maintain daily intake of vegetables and fruits.


The studies conducting on the relation of IGF-1 and breast cancer is generally agreed upon. The potential risk factors can be many in this relationship. Depending on the lifestyle and food habits the overall risk factor of developing breast cancer on use of HGH is established. HGH for women is generally safe when taken as oral formulation.

However researchers agree to one point that level of growth hormone and IGF-1 vary throughout the lifetime of women. This is also affected by diet. Therefore women need to take many factors into account to decide whether they are at increased risk of breast cancer.