Hello girls, we know legging is your best friend but, you are not able to find the right pair of leggings. Everyone has two legs but, one pair of legging cannot fit all as it depends on the curves and height of your body. So, today we are sharing the right kind to leggings as per the body type of the person.

Here are the best leggings for your body type:

  • Short: If you’re short in height and don’t want leggings to tugging at all with extra fabric which bunch up around the waist and ankles, then you must go for petite-size leggings which is made especially for you. The petite-size leggings are best for girls under height 5’4.
  • Pear-Shaped: If you’re a pear-shaped figure girl which means who are smaller on top with a larger butt and thighs then you might find leggings difficult to be adjusted. For such type of body shapes, there are plenty of options are available in market. So, go to buy a legging which has a higher waist and thicker, figure-shaping fabric.
  • Tall: Shopping for leggings for tall girls sometimes prove difficult. They need to find a pair that fits perfectly in every way and there are many options designed especially for them. 
  • Wide-Hipped: If you have ample hips but you also want to flatter your curvy shape, then try leggings with a fold-over waistband. It is from a stretchable compression material especially for you.
  • Plus-Size: A pair of on-point leggings is best for the plus-size girls. You can wear it both in and out of the gym. Just go to the market and find a suitable pair of leggings for you.

Best leggings for every workout type:

  • Hot Workouts: A successful workout never comes without sweating. When you attend a hot yoga class or go for a walk, then sweating is obvious. So, at that time you need the right leggings. Try for a high-tech fabric to remove away moisture. 
  • Cold Workouts: In the cold weather too, you can’t go out in snowman look. So, buy a right pair of warm leggings to tackle your winter workout.
  • Running: A perfect pair of leggings is all you need when you run. It will depend on your body type, height and of course need for pockets. So, buy a legging that won’t cause any embarrassing sneak peeks when you run.
  • Spinning: Spinning requires to do with comfort. You need to go for a cooling, wicking fabric that won’t absorb sweat during spinning.
  • Yoga/Pilates: Avoid any zippers, ties or other embellishments at the time when you’re practising yoga in mat. And choose a simple, form-fitting legging, with no extra fabric while doing Pilates. So, go for stretchable and opaque fabric.