Sexual health is not a single term because it defines being physically, mentally and socially fit. This also involves a positive and respectful approach towards sexual relationships. In other words, having experiences that are safe and free from discrimination and violence. When sexual health is talked about then there are several other areas that are included in it. Some of the basic areas are sexual safety and practice and the most important part that is communication between the partners. These points are mandatory and they have to be included each time when sexual health is concerned because they help in better analysis.

Importance of better communication-   

It is clear that communication process cannot be overstressed because better communication is the base of perfect sexual health. It is all about developing traits that are necessary to express the emotions in front of your partner and this has to be completed in specified time limit. People must freely express what they need and what not. Good communication means asking correct questions and delivering the correct path from where you have obtained them. Therefore, establish a sound communication between you and your partner to avoid misunderstandings that might affect sexual health and personal interest at any point.

Sexual violence-

Above we have seen that communication is mandatory for better sexual health but there are some instances where partners become targets of exploitation. This exploitation can be of three types and they are financial, physical or emotional. Range of exploiters can also vary and tis is fact. From offensive parents to producers of media content or anyone can exploit sexually. Coping from these conditions can be tough but if one knows about these situations and the point where they can arise might help in protection. Apart from that there are several counseling measures which can also help in these situations.

Sexual practice-   

This is another important part of sexual health. It includes the factors that one selects to escape from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). These factors are not as simple as they sound because there are some complications associated with them. Contraception is not safe sex and this is fact but most people are not aware about this because they think using these measures helps in having safe intercourse. It just prevents sperms to reach eggs and sexual infections but people take it otherwise. Learning difference between sexual orientation, identity and behavior is important to improve your sexual health.