Telogen effluvium is a widespread form of temporary hair loss.

Let’s learn what could be the possible causes of hair fall and how we can combat hair loss with the help of the right nutrition and the best hair vitamins.

What causes hair loss?

Poor Nutrition

Long working hours, high-stress, no exercise and not getting enough fruit and vegetables may not be at the top of your list of priorities if you’re working long hours, stressed and exhausted. We totally get it.

But vitamins, minerals and nutrients are vitalfor your bodyto maintain a healthy scalp which is the best environment for healthy hair growth.

If you’re not getting enough vitamins and key minerals including Vitamin A, zinc, protein iron, and B-vitamins, then you’re likely to be experiencing hair loss.

Let’s look at the best vitamins for hair growth

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Other than poor nutrition, what else can cause hair loss?

Stress / shock / a traumatic event

Telogen Effluvium can take place around 90 days after a stressful level takes happens. Don’t despair, this type of hair loss is temporary. Speak to your doctor if you are feeling concerned.

Illness or other medication

Certain illnesses including Anorexia Nervosa, or strong medication can cause temporary excessive hair shedding.  Head over to your doctors surgery and book in an appointment.

As you can see, a variety of issues can lead to hair fall.

Tackle the issue head on either bychecking out what It Really Works Vitamins can do for you. These are the hair vitamins that really work. Join 10,000 other guys now.