Joseph Pilates hated being a sickly child, and he resolved to do something about it. At the turn of the 20th century, he diligently read up on and experimented with techniques that improved strength, flexibility, respiration and immunity. The ancient Greeks especially impressed him as a people that had attained optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. His quest paid off: in adulthood, Pilates became a boxer, skier, diver and gymnast, working as a self-defense instructor at London’s Scotland Yard. His system proved its mettle when–in the aftermath of a devastating flu epidemic in 1918–every one of his fitness disciples survived.

How Does Pilates Work?

Pilates is not always easy but it is consistently simple. Employing about 50 different repetitive exercises in varying combinations, it improves muscle capacity and endurance; extends flexibility; and optimizes posture and overall balance. Centering on the core, i.e. the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic regions, Pilates mat or floor exercises, elongate the spine, stretch the limbs and create challenging resistance to myriad muscles. There is also equipment that furthers the practitioner toward these ends. The Reformer–conceived by Joseph Pilates himself–utilized springs and resistance bands while the “magic circle” is a flexible ring that works muscles in the upper and lower regions.

Is Pilates for Everyone?

Whether you go to a health club, study privately at a studio or learn Pilates online, this form of fitness development is tailored to all levels of strength and vigor. In the beginning, workouts are gentler, gaining in intensity as exercisers advance in strength. Often intimidating to newbies are the Pilates classes offered by gyms and health clubs. Many veterans mix with these programs and drive a more intensive workout than should be otherwise expected. Going to a studio for private lessons is certainly less daunting…but that comfort level often comes with a hefty price tag.

Glo Pilates: Comfortable Setting for a Reasonable Price

Enter the world of online Pilates. Engaging highly experienced professional instructors, Glo makes Pilates classes available online, offered to you in the comfort of your den or living room. You receive expert instruction and demonstrations without having to struggle with the text and pictures in a Pilates book. Level 1 classes are as brief as 15 minutes. Every class, moreover, is designated by fitness/experience level, by what props are needed and by who is teaching (instructor bios are on the website, as well). Pilates online means you can take a class according to your own schedule while saving time on transportation to and from a gym. Most important, Pilates online allows you to improve in health and fitness without a hundred eyes upon you.

Try Us Out!

Glo believes that its Pilates online programs are so effective that a free trial period is available to inquirers. Forbes magazine has included Glo in its “Must Try at Home Streaming Workouts.” Glo has earned that recognition. Give it a try on your own road to vital and robust health.