Testosterone is actually a male sex hormone belonging to the androgen hormone class. Though it can be traced in both males and females, you will always find it in high quantities in males. There it plays a dominant role in developing the male reproductive organs and other characteristics related to sex. In men, the hormone testosterone is manufactured in the testicles and there it stimulates the production of sperms. This hormone is produced maximum during the puberty period and then eventually with time it declines after you cross the age of 30. A decrease of the hormone to some extent is considered normal, but in some men, the level drops at an abnormal rate. With a change in the production of testosterone, you can experience certain problems related to the production of sperm, sex drive, distribution of fat, muscle mass, production of red blood cells (RBC) and bone density. A considerable drop in the level of testosterone is not life threatening but it can bring about certain side effects.

Do supplements actually work?

If you look around be it online or the regular stores, you will come across a number of supplements to increase testosterone. In the year 1990, the industry of supplement was again regulated. Though it had brought about a positive impact, some believed that the supplements were not suitable for the consumption of human. Before you decide to start with any supplement, you are required to conduct a lot of research to ensure what agents are finally going to enter your body. Then with the help of more research check if the agents entering your body are at all healthy or do they have any kinds of side effects.

Go for natural vitamin supplements

Instead of depending on any artificial supplements it is always advised that you go for the natural vitamins. Vitamin B3, B6 and B12 are not only beneficial for your overall health but in men, these vitamins control the testosterone production. Vitamin B6 boosts the testosterone level by stimulating androgen. It also helps in the production of the growth hormone and checks the level of prolactin. If the level of B6 falls, it can lead to the dominance of estrogen. Now this prolactin is directly related to the low levels of testosterone. B12 along with the other functions of your body also affects the functions of the testicles. If you want to maintain the testosterone level at its peak then you should include all these B- vitamins into your daily routine.

Buy online

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