Lenses are used to enhance or correct problems with vision. Many users are sometimes inquisitive about lens replacement and the following questions are frequently asked.

#1: What does IOL represent?

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are employed in eye surgeries as an artificial alternative to natural lenses such as LASIK. Conditions such as cataract or presbyopia are handled through surgeries and these lenses are appropriate for correcting refractive errors and enhancing overall vision.  

#2: What makes premium IOLs unique?

Not all IOLs are capable of correcting vision at a different range of distance. Some are monofocal and always result in a need for a reading glass even after a lens replacement surgical procedure. However, Premium IOLs are multifocal and are better alternatives to cloudy lenses.  They are applied for correcting different kinds of vision problems and giving optimal vision from far distances of any range.

#3: How safe are IOLs?

First, I will clearly state that IOLs are safe. They have passed several stringent tests conducted by the FDA both nationally and internationally. They have also been confirmed as highly effective for treating several vision problems such as Cataract. In fact, IOLs are widely used in the United States as the only treatment option for cataract.

#4: Will I feel the IOL after my surgery?

That is the beauty of this artificial lens. Apart from the fact that you will notice an improvement in your vision in terms of better clarity, sharper images, and more focused vision, you will not feel any inconvenience or discomfort after your surgical procedure.

#5: How is the procedure conducted on both eyes?

The ideal way of conducting a surgery requiring treatment on both eyes is to space the timing between your procedures. This is important to avoid vision disruption dues to stress on both eyes and the body in general. Adequate time is needed for the body to heal up so as to support the next procedure.

#6: Who can use IOLs?

Lens replacement is recommended for some conditions after careful evaluation by medical experts. Cataract is a major problem that the only treatment procedure is the use of IOLs. Sometimes, when LASIK is not a good option for problems with vision, IOLs are effectively used as an alternative. Also, if you have diminished vision or refractive error arising from Presbyopia, a lens replacement is an option to subscribe to for improvement of vision and image clarity. Therefore, if you are considering having a lens replacement, you can get a good one from Alain Assedo Opticien. They are a group of experts that will not only give you a corrective and effective lens but will also make sure the lens you are getting is fashion trendy.