People are so busy chasing their dreams and balancing between their personal and professional lives these days that they hardly have any time to sit and dine or maintain a proper diet. The result is 70% of individuals suffer from stomach problems. The problem is seen rampant in people who have recently traveled overseas. So if you are off to London on a business trip and are feeling unwell, it’s probably because your stomach is trying to get accustomed to the change in climatic conditions and the new kind of diet you are offering it.

What is GORD

Before we get into the symptoms, let me first brief you about the most common disease you need to see a Gastroenterologist. This disease is known as GORD.

It is a disease that is usually seen in people who travel to foreign lands. The primary reason for GORD is a drastic lifestyle change. It is also known as Gastro-esophageal reflux disease. It is a common syndrome seen in people where the acid leaks from the stomach into the esophagus, also known as gullet. When you witness heartburn or your tongue turns sour and get an unpleasant taste in the back of the mouth, you will see that it’s GORD.

For more details, you can see this video on what is GORD:

Author: Dr. Sarmed Sami MBChB, MRCP, PGCME, PhD

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Founder and Director of Digestive Health UK.

Four Signs you need to see a Private Gastroenterologist London.

You must be wondering by now how you will know that you need to see a Private Gastroenterologist in London.

Here six signs you should keep in mind.

Firstly, your stomach is not keeping well. The first symptom that tells you that you need to see a doctor is when you see your stomach not behaving well. Be it diarrhea or constipation; both are signs that you might be having irritable bowel syndrome.

Secondly, rectal bleeding is another sign you need to visit a Gastroenterologist urgently. It is when you witness blood in your stool. We suggest not to take this sign lightly. It might be very severe and demand immediate attention.

Thirdly, Frequent Heartburn is quite a reason to worry. Having occasional heartburn is ok when you have a spicy dinner or did not have an adequate sleep, but if it becomes a regular thing for you, then it’s quite a reason to worry.

Finally, if you are having abdominal pain or bloating, then it’s an alarm that you need to see a Gastroenterologist immediately.

Numerous Gastroenterologists in London are available at a phone call. But we suggest if you are witnessing any of these symptoms for quite a while now, it is best to see a Private Gastroenterologist in London. ¬†Most importantly, if you have had similar case history before, we recommend you sharing the case history with your doctor for him to understand your condition. It will result in better treatment and faster recovery. So if you don’t want to have sleepless nights visit a doctor today!