Just like women are crazy about having a rich, healthy, long and shiny hair so that they can flaunt it without having to worry about anything, men crave for beard that makes them look smart and grey. Not every man have such cravings as some are okay if they have a hair free face and chin but some go crazy about it and try different things to get beard on their face.

It is all about the hormones in the male and female body that plays a major role in growing hair in different parts of the body. Hormonal imbalance can result in to men having no beard at all and woman growing facial hair that is enough to drive them mad. When woman gets facial hair or moustache they go for medicines and cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal and things to get rid of them as soon as they can. They also go for cosmetic products and make up that would hide their facial hair for the night party. Hence, it is all about having the right hormones functioning in the human body.

Hormones are regulated by the vitamins and other minerals that reach your body and hence it is always suggested to consume right vitamins and minerals through food. The growth of beard depends upon a list of vitamins and one cannot have them all in a day. Also, one cannot afford to have so many tablets of various minerals and vitamins every day. Therefore, growther beard vitamins are made up of the 100% secure and right vitamins and minerals that regulate the beard growth in men.

One bottle of growther beard vitamins contains 90 tablets that go for a month as per the recommended dosage. People are suggested to consume three tablets a day with food and one can see the result in a month and keep using the tablets further for beard growth and maintenance.

Growther beard vitamins and manufactured, packed and sold in America with excellent skills and high quality ingredients that do not harm anyone. The vitamins and minerals are all natural products that are meant to be in the human body and hence it is based on a natural process. The vitamins are just to help the hormones be in balance and initiate the growth of facial hair as they are meant to do so. There is no artificial ingredient or harmful preservatives at all.

The sellers give their client with a warranty of a month to test the tablets and see its effects. Hair growth does take time but one can see the difference in a month.


It is highly recommended to not have the capsules beyond suggested dosage and it must be kept away from children and teenagers. People with some prevailing health conditions must always consult a physician or the respective doctors before taking the capsules. People who are highly acidic in nature and suffer from acidity often are asked not to consume growther beard vitamins. I is not meant for children under 18.