What are wisdom teeth? Why does it hurt me when they develop? Is wisdom teeth removal painful? As soon as your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal Sydney, these questions may be popped up in your mind. Don’t worry; in this blog post, you will get answers to all the queries you have regarding wisdom teeth extraction.

Do wisdom teeth have to be removed?

No! Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. You can keep them if they develop completely and do not create any trouble for your oral health. A healthy wisdom tooth that fit in the mouth is not usually extracted. The dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal Sydney only if it is impacted and creates dental problems like pain and teeth crowding.

Most of the patients have them removed for one of these reasons:

  • They emerge in at the wrong angle by pressing against other teeth
  • When they get trapped under the gums
  • When a patient’s mouth is not big enough to accommodate third molars
  • As partially emerged wisdom tooth makes cleaning and flossing difficult it causes cavities and gum disease.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

When a wisdom tooth does not have enough space on the jawline to develop completely, it gets trapped under the gum. This condition is called an impaction. An impacted wisdom tooth is associated with pain and toothache and can also accompany a range of symptoms including:

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding gums
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth
  • Numbness
  • Bad breath
  • Headache
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

The impacted wisdom tooth can be spotted in an X-ray image. Impacted wisdom teeth must be extracted as early as possible to avoid the damages to nearby teeth.

How old should I be to have them removed?

A wisdom tooth usually develops in the ages of 18-25. Depending on the severity and type of impaction, you may need to remove the wisdom teeth anywhere around the ages of 17-18. The earlier you extract them the recovery will be easy and quick. However, it is possible to remove them at any age and can be back to normal in a week.

What is the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney?

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney will not cost you more than $350 for single tooth extraction and not more than $375 for procedures where complexities are found during the initial assessment. You can also reduce the price of wisdom teeth extraction if you have dental insurance. Speak with your dental insurance provider.

Hope you have got answers to your questions. In fact, the Australian Dental Association insists Australians should not delay in getting their wisdom tooth removed if recommended by their dentist. Removing wisdom a tooth is just going to be like a regular dental check-up, don’t panic by hearing the horror stories from your friends or family. Not two patients are same, and it doesn’t have to be a painful experience as they had.