Candidiasis is more common in women, and is caused by fungi. The fungi that attack the region are Candida and Monilia. In fact they do not attack, the only thing that happens is that they reproduce too much. We have this fungus naturally in our body, and for certain reasons that we will check below, your community grows and ends up causing the greatest discomfort. Studies indicate that at least 75% of women worldwide will still suffer from candidiasis. More like that, ladyboy! It was not enough to have to menstruate every month, to feel colic pain, breasts swell, we still have, at least most of us, to deal with this fungus without shame.

Whether or not it is a sexually transmitted disease, experts share opinions. Contacting a person who is suffering from candidiasis can influence the development of the disease, but this is not law. What really happens is a drop in immunity in a person, and the fungus sees there an opportunity to reproduce. From there, just wait for the symptoms to come.

There are some factors that may facilitate the onset of candidiasis, and one of them is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to fight bacteria that are causing an infection in a person’s body, and her immune system is not taking care of doing away with the problem alone. It may be that a system fall and the fungi reproduce and the candidiasis appears.

Pregnancy is another risk factor because the woman is obviously more fragile and sensitive. We still have diabetes, infections such as HIV, immune deficiency, autoimmune diseases, unprotected sexual intercourse, performing excessive douches and even some clothes can cause the problem.

But what do you mean, clothes? When we use pieces that increase the local temperature, such as tight jeans, gym clothes, panties that are not cotton for example, the vagina can not breathe, and therefore perspires in the clothing, which is damp. There is no better environment for fungi to reproduce than a humid, hot environment. We can still count on the use of lycras and bikinis and other bathing clothes that are wet for a long time. Between 20 and 25% of the vaginal discharge that has infectious origin happens because of the candidiasis.


Candidiasis: Symptoms

The most common symptoms of candidiasis are whitish discharge, an unusual redness in the entire vagina, excoriations in the large and small lips and itching, a lot of itching even, of not being able to take it sometimes.

In the most extreme cases, or have been delayed to seek medical help, there may even be a ulcer in the vagina. So, if you are reading this text have any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to see a doctor soon to treat the problem. The clinical examination and the Pap smear are enough to detect the problem. The doctor will associate what you observe in your chart with your complaints and will probably ask for more tests to confirm the diagnosis. From this the treatment will begin and it is good to follow it straight so that there is no complication.