Recent scientific research had suggested that novel coronavirus is highly contagious and it can spread through air. Moreover, few people have become asymptomatic, which means they are not showing any adverse effects when they are infected.

The good news is that they are recovering because of their robust immune system, but in the process, they are capable of infecting others. This chain can only stop if we take proper precautionary measures. Hence, every country has made wearing masks mandatory before stepping out of the house.

Understanding coronavirus masks

Medical masks can be used if you are going out for a short walk to the nearby market place. These masks are not reusable and they have three ply protection. This can provide low to medium level protection. However, they are short in supply. These masks are loosely fitted and easily disposable. It gives first level protection to the wearer from an infected person.

If you maintain proper social distancing, then this can work. This also filters out large particles of air and dirt.  FDA has not yet regularised these masks for coronavirus protection, but it is better to use something instead of nothing.

N95 Masks

The best protection against coronavirus will be N95 masks. These are mostly worn by hospital professionals and policemen. Since they are reusable these are in much higher demand. Right now, you might not get them in all online places as the government is reserving for the frontline warriors. If you find it anywhere, you must buy without any second thoughts.

N95 masks also come with breathing port. This type is costlier than the usual ones because this gives a cooler effect due to air circulation. There are some N95 masks in the market which you can even wash and use. Use sanitizer and mild detergent while washing. Do not strip off the cloth lining.

Cloth masks

There might be an instance that you are not able to find any masks. In this type of scenario, you must make your own. You will need a good quality nylon fabric. This is mainly effective when a sick person wears it as it reduces the chances of transmission and holds back the droplets of mucus in place.

Not only it limits the virus from being spread, but also protects the family members of the infected to stay safe. This are designed to protect the people from the mask wearer and not the opposite.


These are the best and costliest too. This is more effective than N95 masks. As the name suggests, it is a device that will allow only air to pass. These masks come with cartridges which you can replace from time to time. These are industrial grade and even filter out acidic gases along with PM 2.5 particles.

Viruses cannot even pass through its barrier. Needless these are difficult to put on, but given the situation prevention is better than cure. If you are having COPD, asthma or any lungs related problem you should always go for this.