If you are practicing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu, probably you are already aware that there is nothing as good as training with a real partner during the time saved for a decent training. But since it is a sport in which the most important thing is the technique used during the fight, within this article we will explain you why it is important to be ready during the trainings with a real partner. If you want to be successful in this sport, and to learn how to defend yourself, no matter which type of an opponent you are having, you must master the technique of joint locks and chokeholds.

 Nowadays, there is a great debate going over the positive and negative aspects of owning a submission master, but the truth is that most of the people saying that you are not in a certain need of owning a tool of this kind, are people which are having enough free time in order to spare it with their partners. When it comes to beginners which are in need to improve their technique, you must do some extra trainings after the regular classes, and in order to do it, you should purchase a wrestling buddy of this kind. Within this article we will make a dummy submission master review, which will help you look at all the aspects before you decide to purchase one and improve your technique.

Why is the submission master almost as good as a real opponent?

When it comes to choosing to work with a real partner during the trainings, you should be aware that not always you can find a good opponent that won’t make a certain injuries to you during the implementation of a certain technique, and which will provide you a certain straight in order to guarantee you a good training. But when it comes choosing a workout with a submission master, you should be sure that you can try as many techniques as you want, choosing every movement that will serve you as a good one in that particular moment. One of the main advantages in this method of exercise is that the position that the submission master holds itself. It is made kneeling, with its hands in front, which provides you a certain guard position. By this, you will be able to try every technique, in a repetitive form, without the need of setting back all the parts at the end of the training, since the submission master will do it itself.

Is it flexible enough in order to respond to my workout needs?

Its starting pose is made in a way which will provide you a good training when practicing, and its legs are up which is helping you practice all the techniques with your legs as well. When it comes to its straight, many people are having a skeptical approach since there are many sellers that are not providing a quality product. But once the seller is guaranteeing you a submission master which has a muscle memory, you will be able to make a training with even more quality than the one made with a real partner.

If you have just started taking a BJJ classes, this mate will help you spend a quality time once you are home. The time spend in practicing after the main classes is of a great importance, since it is very important to practice all the new techniques at home. Doing it with a partner can be hard because finding a person that will fit your timeline is not an easy thing, plus, it is hard to find someone sharing the same enthusiasm as you are. When working with a submission master, you will be able to spare yourself from additional injuries and practice the new techniques in order to become a master in them.


Spending a quality time during your BJJ workout time is of a great importance, but when it comes to repetitively working over improving your technique, deciding to purchase a submission master can serve you good. With its help you will be able to exercise as much as you want, with an opponent which won’t be bored and exhausted easily.