Every man has seen an ad for a penis enlargement pill, pump or surgery and wondered if they could be bigger.

The reality is, if fad penis enlargement products and methods really worked, every man would be a lot larger.

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions and claims to take a closer look at the topic of penis enlargement.

How do I size up?

Most men feel that they could be bigger but chances are, your penis is a normal size. The average penis is generally anything between 10cm – 15cm when erect. Just because a man looks well hung in the change rooms at gym, doesn’t mean he gets a lot bigger when erect.  

The problem with developing a belief that you’re small is that it often leads to issues such as psychological erectile dysfunction, which is completely avoidable. If you know deep down that your issues about having a small penis are more psychological than physical, therapy is a better treatment option than surgery.

Pills, pumps and all things penis

Let’s delve into some of the treatment options that men will often come across in the market.

Vacuum pumps

Basically, you place your penis into a cylinder that is attached to a pump. The pump helps draw extra blood into the penis, which helps make it slightly larger when erect. The penis is then clamped with a tight ring to stop the blood from escaping.

While penis pumps do work, it’s important to remember that it’s only a temporary solution.

Some of the risks of pumps include bruising, blistering, discolouration and ruptured blood vessels.

Weights & Exercises

While you can’t increase your penis size using exercises in the same way that you can with your biceps, there are weights and exercises that claim to stretch, strengthen and lengthen the penis.

Jelqing is a popular exercise example that involves 30 – 60 minutes of firm yanking a few days a week. The trick is to not get erect while doing so.

There are also devices that clamp onto the penis in order to stretch it, with some manufacturers recommending up to 8 hours of tension and weights.

These devices can be incredibly dangerous and could lead to tears and burst blood vessels with no change in penis size at all.

Pills and potions

No amount of pills, creams or supplements are going to help you achieve a larger penis so it’s time for men to stop spending money on these products. Also, many of these products come with a lot of risks and won’t give you the results you’re hoping for.

If you want to review penis enlargement treatment options that actually work, it’s best to get your penis enhancement advice from Calibre experts.

Penis enlargement surgery

Finally, there’s the option of penis enlargement surgery.

There are two types of penis enlargement surgeries available today:

  1. Penis lengthening surgery. In order to lengthen the penis, surgeons will cut and release tension in the suspensory ligament that links the penis and the pelvis, making the shaft more visible. Stretching devices or weights will need to be used for about six months following the surgery.
  2. Penis widening surgery. This surgical technique uses tissue harvested from cadavers to bulk up the penis. Allografts last long and offer effective results.

You can opt to do both penis widening and lengthening surgeries but it’s best to do them in stages.

At the end of the day, it helps to speak to a professional about a reputable penis enlargement treatment.