There is a natural herb which originated from central Asian countries known as cannabis or marijuana. For many years marijuana was used as traditional medicine to cure different health conditions. This cannabis contains high levels of tetra hydro cannabinol (THC) which is famous for its psycho active properties. That is the reason why in many countries use cannabis products are highly regulated and there are plenty of controversies surrounding it.

For last few years, the global community is pushing for legalization of cannabis oil and other products derived from cannabis. Let us list out few benefits of this oil.

  1. Provides relief from stress and anxiety

In modern times stress, is the reason for a number of health risks. Our present lifestyle, food habits, and professional commitments are enough to create stress in our mind. Prescription medications are capable of producing dangerous side effects. Few natural alternatives are also not so active.

Here as per the various studies made, it was found that the oil produced by cannabis provide sufficient relief from stressful situation.

  1. Treatment of asthma

For thousand years, Chinese as well as Indian healers have been using cannabis for treating various respiratory problems. Cannabis oils can be very effective solution for treating asthma. Studies conducted on them during 1970 provided positive results for people suffering from asthma.

  1. Heart health

The oil of cannabis has plenty of antioxidant properties and provides lots of benefits to heart related diseases. Experiments have been conducted on animals and it has been established that it can prevent a number of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Relief from pain

This is one of the most important traditional uses of cannabis plant for healing different kinds of pain. Recent studies conducted on them also proved that it can provide relief from chronic pain.

Protection of skin

It can also help in shedding older skin cells and encourage growth of new healthy skin. It can be effectively used for preventing acne and psoriasis.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is the disease for which many alternate medicine practitioners claim that it can be treated. There is substantial excitement about cannabis too that can cure certain types of cancer.

Plenty of research is going on with cannabis and many positive results are pouring in.