One of the most popular methods of water filtration would be the reverse osmosis without question. One of the reasons is because of its perceived strength when it comes to fighting against fluoride and arsenic content. However, the Berkey filters have shown themselves to be a step ahead of the reverse osmosis. This has prompted many to ask just whether the Berkey filter use the reverse osmosis to filter water.

The answer to that question is no. Understanding the reverse osmosis in detail and why the Berkey filters are better would help you understand the reason for the difference.

Understanding the reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis is one of the great ways in which people filter their water. However, there is a big problem with this method. This is how the reverse osmosis works. It creates a solution which treats the water. What this does is that it strips the water of all the contaminants that may be present, which is a good thing. However, the reverse osmosis is quite overzealous too. It goes ahead and strips the water of all the minerals which are present.

The problem, however, does not stop there. When you drink the water, the solution that is in the water follows it in. This solution treats them the same way in which it treats the mineral in the water. It strips it of its mineral and flushes out of the body. Now, the body needs these minerals to perform. Therefore, the body would, in turn, strip the vital organs of their minerals to make sure they have enough to keep working. The only way you can refill your mineral is by eating great balanced food. However, the fact that you keep taking in this water would ensure that your body is kept at that stage.

Now, the question is, does the Berkey filters have the same procedure which is carried out by the osmosis process. The answer is no. Here is how the Berkey filters work.

Two filters

The Berkey filtration system would usually come with at least two filters, which are the normal standard. The two filters would ensure that the water which is placed in the container is completely filtered. When the water hits the filters, the contaminants which are present will get stuck while the pure water would be allowed to pass through.

The Berkey filters also come with an ionic barrier. What this means is that after the first wave of the contaminants has been stuck, the ionic barrier would ensure that the much smaller contaminants which are tinier than the pores would also be stopped in its track. This is to ensure that the water is left completely clean.

Berkey v Reverse Osmosis

The two methods used are in stark contrast of the others, and the Berkey process is better as it holds out so many benefits over the reverse osmosis. Some of the benefits which it has to offer would include;

  • Installation: the Berkey filtration process, which is a standalone process makes it easier to use without having to go through the entire process of installation. This is a stark contrast with the reverse osmosis which must be installed if you wish to use it successfully
  • The Berkey filters do the way completely without any solution or the need to remove any minerals from the water. Thus, you can get the pleasure of drinking clean water and having all the necessary minerals in it.
  • Storage and size: the Berkey filters make the container smaller and more portable than the reverse osmosis. This makes it easy to use and carry about, especially when you have to move from one place to another.


The truth is that proper care must be taken when it comes to our water and body. It is important to find a solution which works for both. The Berkey water filtration system is the best bet when it comes to that. If you are interested in getting one, the USA Berkey Filters would be a good place to start. Having it at your disposal would provide you from whatever water throws at you anywhere and at any time.