Drug overdose is a common problem ravaging each community, each socio-economic region, and every race in the US. The effects of drug abuse have not restricted to a single population.

As per several studies, out of overall American citizens twelve or older, about 20% have used the prescription drugs only for the nonmedical uses minimum one time in their whole lifestyle. The prescription drug abuse statistics of 2013 show that 6.5 million American citizens in this age group affected by prescription drug abuse, based on the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Drug overdose is generally prevalent among teens as well as young adults. There are about 13% of school seniors in 2015 reported drug overdose. According to the report 2012 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are roughly about 28.1% of the college-aged adults misused the prescription drugs minimum one time in their entire lifetime.

Everything about prescription opioids

Roughly about 116 million people in American suffer from severe to moderate chronic pain, based on the National Institute on drug abuse. Recently, prescription opioids appear as highly preferred medication treatment for people who experience chronic pain.  If you use them properly, they help you to manage your chronic pain effectively. The extended opioid use has linked with several risks such as addiction.

3 to 5% of people managing their pain by using prescription opioids create the substance use problem.  Once people with illness have created a substance use disorder, it is difficult to find the right treatment.  If the prescriptions are entirely run out, you may opt for illicit opioids like a substitute.  The rise of oxycontin which is a kind of opioid and which plays the most roles in a drug overdoses.  The price of certain opioids is very high, so people opt for heroin, hydrocodone, or any other substances.

Find a suitable recovery center

Drug overdose is a significant health problem faced by individuals in the United States.  The individuals with drug addiction are indeed at increased danger of poor health, death, overdose, and self-destructive behavior.

Many rehb treatment facilities for addiction Xanax are there for people who look for the right way to get recovered from drug abuse. An addiction rehab center like the Beach House Center for Recovery can help play the most crucial role in providing drug addiction support and counseling as well as aftercare services for those struggling with addiction to pain meds or other prescription drugs too.

Individual and group therapy are other treatment options available for addressing psychological dependence, which accompanies the health problem.

If anyone is struggling with drug abuse or drug addiction, it is advised to look for professional option or reliable addiction treatments such as Klonopin.  Getting the right treatment is essential to achieve a healthy and sober life.

Some people with drug abuse opt for oxycodone. It comes under narcotic drugs. It helps people to manage their moderate and even severe pain. It has the ability to interacts with body altering and mind substances unpredictably. The inappropriate use of this drug may create lots of problems. If you want to avoid the unwanted hassles, it is recommended to read the usage guidelines.