Many of us consider periodontal diseases to be too minor to pay heed to. But do you know if it is left unnoticed, it will end up damaging your gum which will lead to other severe issues? The signs of the disease are very minimal and are usually ignored by most of us. This is because problems such as bad breath, sensitive teeth or even swollen gums are not taken to be serious by many. There are various stages of the periodontal disease that one must be aware of so that you may not suffer the results of it because of lack of knowledge.


Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease. When individual intakes food substances that are not susceptible to gums, there is a bacteria build-up in our teeth enamel and dentin. This bacterium toughens to form calculus producing a rough exterior along the gum line. Due to this plaque encapsulation is caused which leads to further irritation in gums.

It can be seen in both chronic and acute conditions. While acute Gingivitis is accompanied by infections and trauma, chronic involves just bacterial encapsulation of teeth. It can be prevented by constant and good dental care.


Being the second stage of periodontal disease, it may lead to more severe problems such as bleeding of gums. In this stage, the ligaments that attach the tooth root below are affected which further dislocates the gum positions. It leads to the development of various pockets amidst teeth and gums. If not countered with the suitable precautions, it may lead to teeth breakage and detachment.  

Not always does Gingivitis develop to form Periodontitis but if proper oral hygiene is not practiced then it progresses to the second stage quicker. An aspect of genetic predisposition is also a factor of the disease.     

Advanced periodontitis

When the second stage progresses to become advanced Periodontitis, bacterial encapsulation increases leading to the formation of pus. At this stage, to prevent the entire mouth from getting affected some teeth have to be surgically removed to maintain overall dental health.    

To combat such acute dental issues, Clinique Dentaire Malka services provide effective solutions for every teeth issue be it dental implantation, periodontal disease or even restorative dentistry. But such gum diseases need to be treated quickly. So next time you notice a bleeding gum whilst brushing don’t take it casually!