Nowadays, having a perfect smile is the dream of most people in the world. A bright white smile attracts glances and speaks very well of you. Taking care of our oral health has become an obligation, since social networks came into our lives. If you want to have millions of followers on Instagram, you should start by investing money to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Nowadays, even the messiest smile can be transformed with several sessions with the dentist. Modern dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today, there’s no too complicated problem for an expert dentist.

It’s true that for genetic reasons, many people are born with smiles that are a real disaster. A few years ago, fixing crooked teeth was a process that could take years. Sometimes, results weren’t as expected, especially when patients didn’t feel comfortable with the natural shape of their teeth. However, nowadays, this problem can be solved quickly.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the anatomy of your teeth, there’s no problem. They can be removed and replaced by dental implants that best suit your face. Today, many dentists are experts at designing smiles. The shape of the face and the opening of jaw are some of the aspects that allow determining the size and shape of teeth that best adapt to the patient.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities have such beautiful smiles? The vast majority of Hollywood stars have resorted to dental implants to correct some defect in their smiles. Hilary Duff, Tom Cruise and Zac Efron are some celebrities who have improved the appearance of their smiles with the help of a dental implant dentist. Recovery time is so fast that many fail to notice the changes.

Very few people in the world are born with perfect teeth. Many of them don’t have enough space in their jaws to make room for all their teeth. This is the main cause of clogged teeth. A dental implant dentist can solve the problem by removing the exceeding teeth, allowing each tooth to have its own space.

Usually the placement of a dental implant isn’t risky at all. First, the dentist scans patient’s jaw to study their bone structure. If bones are thick and stable enough, the insertion of the screw into the bone is planned. Many people fear dental implants because they think it’s too painful. However, with consumption of analgesics, pain is considerably reduced.

Once the screw is inserted into the bone, the area is cleaned and gum is closed to prevent infection. After 2 months of recovery, bone adheres firmly to screw. Then, screw is connected to healing abutment. After 1 month, the dentist proceeds to place the tooth.

This procedure can be applied safely in the best dental implant dentist in Staten Island. Usually, local anesthesia is enough to manage pain. However, some patients with hypersensitivity aren’t able to withstand the procedure under local anesthesia. In these cases, the patient is completely sedated and the procedure is carried out without any risk.

If you have in mind to transform your smile’s appearance, dental implants may be your best option. They are safe, easy to install and durable. They are the closest thing to real teeth.