After an injury, you may have scar tissue even if it is not an external injury. A muscle injury creates scar tissue as well. Because it isn’t visible muscular scar tissue gets ignored until it limits mobility. While going to a physician to get checked out is a good call to rule out something serious, you could simply need a massage.

Is a deep tissue massage the right choice?

A deep tissue massage works to physically break down scar tissue and knots formed after an injury. While it employs many of the techniques you will experience in a Swedish massage, with this type of massage the movements are slower and the pressure goes deeper. Two techniques specific to deep tissue massage are used:

  • Stripping- elongates muscles to remove knots
  • Friction- applied along the grain of a specific muscle

If you have chronic pain then deep tissue massage should be your first step in living pain-free.

How can I increase the results of my deep tissue massage?

After your massage drink plenty of water to prevent soreness. You may still be sore the next day but that is good because it means that a lot of toxins were released. It will go away. Hydration also increases circulation to and from injury.

Following up a deep tissue massage with regular Swedish massages can keep your muscles loose and keep your pain level low. Carytown Massage Richmond offers a variety of massage techniques that can boost the relief of a deep tissue massage. With reasonably priced sessions you can come back regularly and make sure you are receiving the best treatment for any injury or just to relax.

Try to book an appointment on a day when the only thing you have planned after your massage is rest. If you take in your worries and stress and are thinking about what you have to do when you leave it is going to be harder to get to the root cause of your pain. If you do have to go back to work after your massage, try to get rid of the super stressful job stress prior.

What other benefits do deep tissue massages offer?

  • Stress relief
  • Increased mobility
  • Pain relief
  • Increased circulation which can decrease blood pressure

Will it hurt?

There is a certain level of discomfort involved in a deep tissue massage. Light pressure warms up the muscles which should mitigate the discomfort when deep pressure is applied. In order to get to the scar tissue, your massage therapist will have to go deep. If at any time you feel like it is too much pressure you can tell your therapist and they will adjust accordingly. Discomfort is necessary, pain is not.

Expectation vs. Reality

You will likely walk out of your massage feeling better. By drinking plenty of water you may not even be sore the next day. That is not the same as no longer needing massage therapy. As previously mentioned, regular Swedish massages will help the effects of a deep tissue massage stay around longer. That does not exclude the possibility of needing more than one deep tissue massage before you are pain-free.

Having a conversation with your massage therapist prior to your massage is very helpful in achieving your desired results. At Carytown Massage Richmond your comfort is a priority. Contact us today to book an appointment with a massage therapist that will suit your needs.