Colon cleansing is a very popular secondary remedy that people claim removes toxins and waste from the colon. But there is little to no scientific proof to support the use of these intestine cleansing methods, except for those that physicians prescribe.

A lot of what experts know about the safety of cleansing comes from years and years of research that focuses on finding the best way to improve colonoscopy procedures instead of boosting energy levels or treating possible colon or intestinal issues. People refer to the cleansing technique by different names like:



Bowel cleansing

Gut health rehabilitation or “Darmsanierung gesundheit” in German

A lot of intestinal cleansing methods or products supposedly help people detoxify the intestines or remove any harmful toxins or substances like mucus or dry stool. A lot of people also use cleansing methods to help alleviate constipation. In this article, we will take a closer look at some popular intestinal cleansing techniques and the science behind the methods. We will also consider the potential risks, as well as the benefits you can get from using them.


Drinking a lot of water on a regular basis can help cleanse your intestine naturally. Drinking water is probably the safest and easiest way to naturally cleanse your body, especially your intestines, where most of the toxins reside after you ingest them. Water gives the stool its bulk and moistens it, helping facilitate its passage through your big intestines.

Dehydrated people will have a slower bowel movement because their body needs to retain water. The water will get reabsorb from the bowel, which causes your stool getting hard, dry and will have difficulty moving through your colon. People’s daily hydration needs differ from person to person, but it is very important to drink a lot of water every day. Other beverages like caffeinated drinks can contribute towards a person’s water drinking habit, but plain water is still the best choice since it doesn’t contain any calories.

According to a 2013 study, experts in Jordan found out that drinking at least four glasses of water every day minimizes the threat of colorectal cancer. But despite the studies conducted, the results are not statistically significant. The same study pointed out that constipation as a major risk factor for cancer. Drinking a lot of water (at least eight glasses per day) can help you prevent constipation and offers a lot of health benefits.

Vegetables and fruit juices

Raw vegetables and fruit juices contain a lot of elements that can help cleanse your intestines, including phytochemicals, fiber and natural sugars that can act as a perfect laxative like fructose or sorbitol. Listed below are the fruits that can help you cleanse your colon:

Apple (including its peelings)









Some cleansing methods recommend consuming the fluids only, for a few days to help cleanse the intestine or the digestive tract in general. A lot of health organizations, experts or personalities recommend against using fruit juices for cleansing. Raw fruit juices contain components that can affect the liver and kidney.

Without a proper treatment to kill all the harmful viruses and bacteria, the juices can make people sick. They may pose imminent dangers for people with health conditions like diabetes. It is best to make vegetables and fruit juice smoothies to keep the fiber, nutrients and water intact.


Fiber can add bulk to your stool that helps reduces the time the stool spends staying in your colon and increase your bowel movements. A lot of whole and natural foods are rich in fiber which includes:





Cereals and whole grains

People who find it very difficult to get the right amount of fiber in their diet can try using fiber supplements. Popular supplements include:

Metamucil or Psyllium

FiberCon or polycarbophil tablets

Fermented foods


Baked tempeh

Tempeh is a kind of fermented food that can have a lot of benefits when it comes to your intestinal health. The bacteria can help with the bowel movement and minimizes the risk of bloating, gas, infection and constipation. Common food (fermented) that contain probiotics include:


Apple cider vinegar

Greek yogurt or any forms of yogurt








Cider and beer


Studies suggest that bacteria like probiotics can help stop or even treat colon cancer, but according to experts, more researches and studies are needed to know and understand the effects of these bacteria. A healthy intestine biome offers a lot of other benefits for the overall health of our immune system.

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Resistant starches

Some foods that contain resistant carbohydrates, a type of sugar that is very difficult for the human body to breakdown. The starches will not be digested and become bulk in your stool. The more bulk in your stool there is, the sooner your bowel gets stimulated into action, helping you cleanse your colon. Listed below are foods that are high in resistant starches:

Sugar cane

Sugar beets

Banana (green)

Sweet corn

Cider and beer

Tubers, roots and vegetable stems


Al dente pasta

Millet and buckwheat

White bread

Muesli and cornflakes

Not like other starches, digesting these types of starches will produce compounds that most experts believe can help:

Improve the regulation of micronutrients

Prevent or even treat colon cancer

Alter hormone levels that can potentially improve physical and mental health

Control or prevent diabetes

Control or prevent obesity

Lemon juice

Drinking lemon juice regularly can have a good effect on our digestive tract. It looks like people experience a lot of benefits when they drink lemon juice on an empty stomach. It allows the lemon components to interact a lot more easily with the mucous in your intestines. Having a good and clean intestine is very important when it comes to screening tests like a colonoscopy. A lot of people who will undergo this type of analysis are using colon cleansing methods a day before their scheduled tests.


You need to always talk to a legitimate physician before you start a intestine cleansing regimen, even if you are using natural ingredients. Anyone who try doing colon cleansing techniques needs to be aware of all the possible side effects of the methods they are using like body weakness and diarrhea and seek professional medical advice if necessary.