Normally, the way to pass a urine test is to increase the quantity of fluid you take so that your urine flow can be increased and it would dilute the amount of concentration of drugs that can be detected in the body. This can be done at least one or two hours before taking a drug test. Fill up your bladder with enough fluids especially water.  

There is a common misconception that taking fluids like vinegar, vitamin C and Niacin helps but there is no proof to support these claims. Taking a high dosage of aspirin reduces the detection of marijuana in EMIT urine test. A better option is to buy synthetic urine called Clear Choice Sub Solution. You will find out that many people who are about to take a drug test will drink a lot of water and exercise for several days before the test to wash out their system. This method isn’t effective. If you are going to be taking a drug test, avoid your first urine in the morning. This is because the metabolites in the drugs build up while we sleep.   

If you are going to be taking in a lot of water in your system, it is best if you also take a high dosage of about 100milligrams of vitamin B2 which can be found in B-complex. The reason you need to take this is so that your urine can be yellow. If you fail to take this, your urine will appear clear and watery which will be suspicious. Obviously, if you a powdered urine review from online, you know how to do it yourself. Many labs will not accept a urine sample that is too watery and will instead have you bring another acceptable urine for your test to be conducted.  

You can also improve your urine by taking diuretics like cranberry juice, coffee, over the counter drugs used for premenstrual water retention and other healthy foods. If the urine test is to be taken on short notice, you may need to use more strong diuretics like those that are used for the treatment of high blood pressure. For instance drugs like furosemide. However, this type of drug that is dangerous when used by people who have diabetes and also pregnant women. It can cause adverse to this people over a long period. When you use diuretics, it can easily be detected in urine test, but most labs hardly check for it except when testing for drugs in athletes.

The washout method has been recommended by former drug testing officer Robert Freeman who published an article in the High Times of August 1988 edition. His method involves taking at least 80-milligram of Furosemide, drinking a lot of water and frequently urinating before taking the drug test. For people who hardly take marijuana, in a couple of days, their system will be clear, but regular smokers have to wait at least a week before they can think of taking the drug test.