Manicure is one of the various cleaning and relaxation services available at parlors and salons. The service providers use a variety of oils, scrubs and cleaning solutions to enhance the result of manicure. Of the various reasons, manicure is done also to check the fungal infections which are common to nails and cuticles. CBD oil has certain medicinal properties that can effectively fight the calendula and similar fungal infections. Thus, your manicure becomes cleaner in actual sense when you add CBD oil to the massage routine.

Best properties of Hempxtra CBD oil good for manicure

Manicure is done with an aim to help the skin of the hands look beautiful. It is also done to improve blood circulation and to provide relief from various muscular and neurogenic pains. Listed here are some of the properties of CBD oil that makes it a good nourishing and relaxation agent in manicure.

Anti fungal properties

CBD oil can help reduce pain and fight infection caused by fungus and other germs. Most of the obvious signs of fungal infection are seen underneath the nails and in cuticular region. Thus, softening and removing of tough cuticles which look dirty otherwise can be attained with the help of CBD oil manicures.


Action of free radicals in the system is responsible for ageing. Wrinkled skins, rough cuticles and corn-like protrusions can be fought with the help of CBD oil that checks the action of free radicals and prevents premature ageing of skin caused by stress, heat and extreme sunlight.

Anti inflammatory

CBD oil is also useful for checking inflammation. Deep cleaning of pores and regulation of oils in the skins can be done by checking inflammation that is also responsible for fungal infection in the cuticles.

Stress and pain reliever

One of the basic reasons of using manicure is to get relief from stress and pain. The quality of manicure gets way better if it provides unmatchable relief from fatigue induced pain. The CBD is an ultimate stress reliever and it can be topically applied as manicure oil.

So, try CBD oil to improve the overall impact of Manicure. It offers a natural way of fighting the signs of aging, stress and infections which actually robs the hands off their natural beauty.