Hair loss has become major concern for people across the world. It would not be wrong to suggest that hair loss has been resulting due to a wide number of aspects. However, the most common aspects would be pattern hair loss and stress. When it comes to hair loss treatments, you would be spoilt for choices. An array of hair loss treatments have been made available across the market. However, you should look forward to having the right treatment for your specific hair loss needs. It would be in your best interest to make the most of kirkland minoxidil for your hair loss problems.

Various causes of hair loss

Several kinds of hair loss issues have been known to affect men. Nonetheless, the most common would be male pattern baldness. In the situation, the hair would start to thin at the crown of your head. The hair would start to recede from the hairline. Approximately, 25% of men would start experiencing hair loss from the age of 21 years. By the time they reach 50 years of age, around 85% of men would have major level of noticeable hair loss. Male pattern baldness has been known to have genetic cause as well. It could be inherited from either traits of parent. Androgenetic alopecia has been known to affect both men and women largely.

It would be pertinent to mention here that changing levels in testosterone would result in production of molecule known as DHT. Hair follicles would shrink due to higher levels of DHT in the body. It would result in existing hair falling out and prevention new hair re-growth. It would not be wrong to suggest that men have higher levels of testosterone, as compared to women. That has been the major reason why change in their levels would bring forth significant impact in men. It would also be the major reason why men have higher tendency to suffer baldness issues.

Great results offered by Kirkland minoxidil

Kirkland minoxidil 5% has been known to offer great results for prevention of hair loss in men. You would experience great results in a matter of two months by regular usage of the product.