Cocaine can cause a young and healthy person to suffer from a disability causing and drug-induced life-damaging medical condition. Cocaine can cause several different types of physiological effects in the body. Let us understand it working in the body and how it damages the mental and physical performance of the body.

What is addiction?

According to the opioid addiction story and opinion of doctors, drug addiction is considered as a desirable craving for the drug. Compulsive and over consumption of any drug, when taken for long-time, results in harmful consequences.

How do opioids make a person addict?

Opioids are very addictive as they activate strong reward areas located in the brain. Opioids activate the secretion of endorphins that are feel-good neurotransmitters present in the brain.

Endorphins soften the observation of painful sensations in the body. It boosts pleasurable feelings in a person that creates a temporary yet influential sense of well-being.

When the opioid dose starts to diminish, you would want to get those good feelings back as quickly as possible. This is regarded as the first landmark on your path toward opioid addiction.

Why consumption of opioid is very common?

Consumption of opioid when taken repeatedly over time slows down the secretion of endorphins in the body. The same opioid dose stops activating a strong wave of pleasant feelings. This is referred as tolerance.

One of the reasons why opioid addiction is very common because some people who have developed tolerance can be tempted to increase the dose so that they keep feeling good.


Anyone who consumes opioids is at a higher danger of developing addiction. Opioid use when done even for a shorter term can cause addiction and even overdose of it. This short-term relief from pain can cause occurrence of life-threatening problems. Knowledge of these side effects will help you stay away from its consumption.