Let’s be honest, working out can be a real chore sometimes. It’s something we all claim we’d like to do and talk a big game about how the new year will bring us directly to a local gym, but in the end, it’s all a bunch of hot air with little to no work being done for our benefit.

That’s all about to change with a new twist on an old favorite – the Rebounder Trampoline. Needak has developed a way to get you back on that fitness groove without having to leave the comfort of your home and saving plenty of space in the process. Even better, you can take the trampoline with you on the go and get that same great workout in your hotel or office.

The Rebounder Trampoline is the Smart Choice

It’s a fitness program that has been gaining in popularity as of late and it’s called rebounding. A routine that is designed to give you a low or high impact, full body workout in about 20 minutes, rebounding can be done in any locale where you don’t have a lot of open space.

The Rebounder Trampoline is 40 inches in diameter and 10 inches high, with the added benefit of folding up for storing when you’re finished.

But while the trampoline itself comes with these useful advantages, it’s the workout you can get from it that’s most important and with the Rebounder Trampoline, the workout is as versatile and flexible as you want it to be. That’s because you have the ability to create the customized regimen that best suits the kind of session you have in mind. With rebounding, you can incorporate as many of these types of exercises as you feel like doing, including: slow paced or fast paced jumping, jogging, walking, seated bounces, abdominal crunches, bicycle crunches, step-ups, side twists, high jumps, and many more.

Choosing Your Rebounder Trampoline

Does this all sound pretty good so far? If so, you’ll want to start doing your research into the Rebounder Trampoline and discover why it’s the right one for you. For starters you have the choice of purchasing the folding version of the product or the version that remains intact.

But both versions are manufactured to the same exact specifications that result in a high-quality, high performance, piece of fitness equipment that is built for longevity, convenience, and above all, efficacy in helping you reach your personal goals.

Every Rebounder Trampoline is built to withstand 300 pounds of weight and provide ample support for impact reduction of more than 85% each time you bounce on the surface of it.  This is accomplished using 36 individual springs produced from the highest quality wire, attached to a steel frame with the use of spring mounting pins that are designed to maintain its structural integrity.

The construction of the spring system and their connection to the trampoline framework has been carefully considered and calibrated for impact reduction and more control to reduce shock at the lowest point of each bounce in order to increase your lift when you ascend back to your highest point. Six tubular shaped legs have been carefully positioned along the perimeter of the product for greater support.

The end of each leg has been outfitted with a rubber cap to reduce noise as you bounce on the Rebounder Trampoline. This will help avoid bothering downstairs neighbors who may be disturbed by incessant jumping up and down upon a trampoline on the floor of your apartment or dorm room.

The mat of the Rebounder is made of UV resistant polypropylene fabric that has been built to last and prevent moisture absorption from occurring. To ensure peak performance of the highest quality, Needak has utilized nearly 6000 stitches in the mat.  

The Rebounder Trampoline is 40 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height, weighing only 25 lbs., making it ideal for use in any environment and simple to store and carry with you anywhere. The folding model is no larger than your typical coffee table, making it well-suited for storage in a closet or under a bed as the Rebounder is only four inches tall in it’s folded form.

The non-folding option is also small enough to be stored in any number of areas that are more accommodating of the standing dimensions of the product. You can prop it up against the wall or slide it behind a door.

Total Convenience

Purchasing a Rebounder Trampoline is about embracing the complete and total convenience of having your gym with you anywhere you want. One of the biggest reasons why those costly gym memberships go unused is because it’s just too easy not to show up. The motivation has to come from you and you alone and when you aren’t feeling it that day, there are too many reasons keeping you at home instead of in the gym.

Another thing that makes the gym tough is the feeling of insecurity many people feel when they go there to work out. There’s a feeling of judgment which can lead to self-doubt and a self-conscious attitude that almost always precludes them from showing up.

All of these can be eradicated with the Rebounder Trampoline. This one product can be used in the home or office and you don’t even a lot of room to work with it either. You decide the workout program, you make the decisions as to what exercises you do, you adjust the severity of the workout and, best of all, you can do it all in the privacy of your home.

Your Rebounder Trampoline comes with two DVD’s to help you put together the ideal routine for your intended workout goals. There are even accessories you can purchase to make your workout easier and more enjoyable.

No getting in the car or heading to the subway to go to the gym. No one else around you to watch you go through your routine. When you’re done, you simply fold the trampoline and put it away. It’s out of sight and won’t take up any space.