A cell culture incubator is designed primarily to maintain specific conditions for a cell sample to grow and propagate. Tissue cells of different types have different habitat requirements in order to thrive, and these include humidity, temperature, and oxygen levels.

Scientists, doctors, and researchers use cell culture incubators for a variety of purposes. They observe the growth of tissue cells in order to understand cell reactions to changing conditions, to use cell tissue to develop treatments for illnesses, to formulate vaccines, or apply nurtured cell tissue in food and beverage studies.

Cell culture incubators are prone to contamination; hence they have to be cleaned regularly. Among the best ways to clean the device are:

  • Change the incubator water regularly. Don’t just refill it; empty it and add fresh distilled water at least once a week.
  • Clean the incubator at least two times per month, depending on how frequent it is used. You may not have to autoclave everything; just spray or wipe the incubator with a cloth soaked in a disinfectant solution with 70% ethanol. Let it air dry completely before use.
  • Check the incubator every week and discard unused cultures. Unused cultures may cause contamination inside the incubator and affect those that are currently under observation.
  • Redirect the air if the room air vents are blowing onto the incubator. Air conditioning ducts can contain mold that may contaminate the cultures inside.
  • Remove anything that is placed on top of the incubator and clean the unit at least once every two weeks. Make it a point to wipe down the doors and incubator handles with a disinfectant solution.
  • Remove all spills immediately and disinfect the contaminated area afterwards.

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