If you love making potato au gratin, then you know that the best part about it is how full or cream and cheese it is. It is such a comforting and delicious dish and the best part is that you can prepare it beforehand time so you can enjoy it later without stressing so much. Now that we’ve ascertained that one of the most important ingredients in making au gratin potato is cheese, you have to wonder what the best cheese to consider for au gratin potatoes is.

We all love cheese; the fact that it is added generously to our favorite potato casserole just makes us love it even more. Many homes consider potatoes au gratin as a side dish for special occasions and not just a side dish for a regular day, and the fact that it goes well with pretty much anything makes it easier to love this dish more. Now, our favorite potato casserole requires the best ingredients to make sure it comes out as amazing as we hope.

What’s the Best Cheese Option?

There are varieties of cheese out there, and potatoes au gratin loves flavors, so it is best to go for cheese with sharp flavors. Your best option would be a gruyere cheese, and if you can’t find that, then the cheddar cheese works just as well. Many people love to mix it up and go half cheddar and half gruyere; the outcome is always fantastic.

The Gruyere Cheese is the first option you should look out for; it is rich in flavors and gives the au gratin potatoes a truly unmatched taste. It has a sweet and salty flavor and is very creamy, so its addition to your fave dish is definitely a good idea. If you’re wondering about this cheese’s health benefits, it can help you balance your blood sugar due to its high butyrate level. This, in turn, cuts off your risk of developing diabetes disease drastically.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese also gives potatoes au gratin the sharp flavor it needs from the cheese. Made from cow milk, this cheese will be a great addition to your meal. While flavoring your side dish, it will also help you keep your smile a while longer. That’s right! Cheddar cheese helps protect your teeth and keep cavities off them; it neutralizes acid on your teeth, which causes decay.