Oral health is one of the most significant aspects of our life which we can’t ignore at all. It is not only the source of keeping a pleasant smile always alive but also essential to keep our physical health perfect. Any minor issue in your mouth may lead to some severe problems if left untreated for a longer period of time. But before going further; first we need to know about Abutment; what exactly is it and why to use it so that we could better understand the benefits as well. The abutment is a supporting structure which is preferably used to sustain the lateral or horizontal pressure as the anchorage tooth in place of fixed or removable partial denture. It fills the gap between the two teeth and creates a bridge between them but also helps in maintaining your look as well.

UCLA abutment is one of the best practices which are introduced a few years back so as to restore the OSSEOintegrated implants perfectly. The design of the abutment is mainly related to the implant fixture. This excellent technique had provided the best solution to various problems such as limited interocclusal distance, interproximal distance, implant angulation, soft tissue response and much more.

UCLA abutment has improved the esthetics also to a great extent along with a success rate of 95.8. UCLA is a UCLA abutment which we can use to enhance the soft tissue esthetics. We are telling you about the various benefits of UCLA abutment here in this content which will improve your knowledge a little more related to this technique.

Strength: UCLA Abutment is much stronger than that of zirconia abutments. It is perfectly customized to offer long-term results. It includes a second metallic component which ensures the superior strength of the abutment.

Esthetics: Another best thing about UCLA Abutment is the facility of providing best customized colored ceramic additions as per patient requirements; so as to meet the dental structure and color of the natural teeth. To enhance the aesthetics of the final case and make it appear more natural you can use Zirconia and Gold Hue abutments.

Versatility: Versatility is another wonderful feature of UCLA abutment which is undoubtedly needed to be appreciated. It is one of the most fantastic castable abutments which you can efficiently use with an implant system without considering about the size of the implant.

Customized crown margin: It is another most wonderful advantage of UCLA abutment which makes it perfect option to use on. You can easily customize the crown margin depth without considering the various aspects.  UCLA abutment is one of the best abutments being in use for the last few years is entirely designed and developed to create a natural emergence profile between an implant and crown.

Better hygiene: Oral health is one of the most important aspects of our entire physical health which can’t be ignored for sure. Any smaller problem in your mouth can lead to a serious problem if left untreated for a longer period. Most of the time; it is monitored that using an abutment may lead to the deposition of plaque at the corners which ultimately becomes a favorable place for germs to reproduce. UCLA abutment has reduced this entire problem up to a great extent. It perfectly fits the requiring area without leaving any space behind.

Better alignment: UCLA abutment being one of the finest castable abutments enables you to get better alignment with the help of angled implants. It not only makes your teeth appear to be more natural but also helps in reducing various oral health problems also.

The abutment is one of the best things that you can use to enhance the oral health and to maintain the natural appearance of your mouth in a better way. UCLA is a newly introduced abutment feature which has achieved really a huge success rate over a small period of time. It not only takes care of your oral health but also helps in maintaining a natural shape and alignment of your teeth without affecting other ones. The above-provided benefits of UCLA abutment are surely going to add more into your knowledge hub related to the UCLA. You can go for UCLA, if decide for a dental implant.