When you want to use medication to enhance your erections and have a pleasurable experience, you need to inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of the product you want to get. Not every product will fit you, but most of the mare very similar. Most of them are made out of natural ingredients which you should always look for in a product.

We need to realize that we don’t have a magical ingredient or medication that will do wonders, but improving ourselves slightly is possible. It is best to be informed and know what options are available. There are reviews online like the before and after from Vig RX effects and other male virility supplements, but it usually still depends on your body type and age. We are all different, so it will have a slightly different effect on every person, but the overall result will be almost the same.

Before You Try the Product

You shouldn’t place this product in reach of kids because it is meant for older people or even younger people that have some problems with potency. If you are unsatisfied with the size of your penis and if you don’t last long in the bad when having intercourse with your partner, you may consider using male enhancement products.

Also, if you have a problem with erection, many doctors will prescribe Viagra, but many people may misuse it which can have a lot of side effects. Your heart suffers the most when using Viagra. There are other options you can use, which will also help with your sexual drive.

No Side Effects and Natural Ingredients

Using anything medication or supplements that are synthetic can have a lot of side effects. The most important thing about products that are used to make your healthier is to be natural. A lot of ingredients that are in these products are well-tested and used for many years. Before even people new all the benefits some plants and roots had, they used it because they would feel better after.

Most of the medications you use today for any disease, even for cold, have some kind of side effect on your body. It helps you beat the disease, but your immune system will probably be damaged for a small amount. A great thing when you are using only natural supplements is that if they are tested they won’t do any harm to humans.

Testing and Results

The advantage over some products is that it is clinically tested. Many people don’t know that you have to spend thousands of dollars on testing that will prove that your product can be on the market. They will make sure that the after effect of using the product will be the best because a lot has been invested.

Depending on the person, the results come in fast. If you are an older person, for example over 50, the results will come slower because the body is weak. If you are younger you can expect great results after a month. End results are mostly better semen quality, stamina, and erection.


Because there isn’t any potion that will make you the healthiest person, you need to collaborate with the product so you can have better results. One thing you can do is exercise. If you already decided to take this kind of products, you need to have enough sexual intercourses so your body will adapt. There are also many exercises for enlargement you can find online.

Many users think that a disadvantage is that there aren’t any recommended penis exercises that go with the product. Another disadvantage is that the product is only sold online. Even if it is easier to buy something on the internet, sometimes buyers feel more comfortable when buying in a store.

Read more about it here: https://www.health.com/sex/exercise-and-sex


Difference from other Products

The problem with some medication or supplements is that they think they can fix all of your problems. The most important thing is the results you have at the end of the day. A study showed that after three months, over sixty percent of users were able to control erection. Over 20% of users saw an increase in the quality and frequency of orgasm. The most percentage, over 70, showed an increase in sexual satisfaction, and 50% in overall sex drive and desire.