Most people have health problems such as brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, fatigue and many more aches and pains without an apparent cause. Sometimes people think those are the genetic causes. Genetic differences are much time causes health problems. Here the MTHFR is the enzyme that activates folic acid by adding a methyl group to it. The full form of MTHFR is Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. MTHFR healing process can help you to stop consuming folic acid and replace it with an active form of it.

Why Avoid Folic Acid:-

The human body cannot process ingress folic acid and it is stock as toxins in our organs. Our body needs to convert that folic acid into a form of folate, which would use by the human body. The MTHFR enzyme can convert the folic acid into methylfolate and it is expanding in our body as endogenous toxins. When you are under MTHFR testing process, you should not consume folic acid. Try to avoid it and follow the guidance of an MTHFR specialist doctor. MTHFR physicians warn people with low activity of MTHFR enzyme, which is maybe the reason of elevated homocysteine levels. That homocysteine is an amino acid and it is directly linked with cardiovascular disease.

As a part of MTHFR treatment, you should try to not only consuming folic acid but also try to replace the folic acid with methylfolate. The folic acid can be the cause of cognitive impairment and anemia but in another hand, methylfolate will not do that. The folic acid is capable to fight against numerous of cancers but it also helps to develop the growth of tumors, Our body already has tumors, if those tumors growth accelerate then we have suffered from MTHFR deficiency.

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MTHFR deficiency diseases:-  

  • Blood clots
  • Heart Attacks
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines

What to do:-

It is better to follow the advice of your MTHFR physicians because ingesting something without knowing the genetics and vulnerability of toxins is maybe not good for your health. If you are under the treatment of MTHFR, then you should consume sufficient amounts of organic green vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain large number folates. You can take vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and always try to buy organic foods. The MTHFR mutation treatment includes checking vitamins B-complex and other multi-vitamins. Vitamins help you to maintain the label of methylfolate and folic acid.