Are you experiencing pain on your back? Does your neck hurt when you move? All these questions are related to the disc. To understand it easily, the disc is a cushion like structure that exists between the bones of the spine. Biologically, it is termed as a vertebra. This soft cushion is responsible for the movement and carrying the load.

There may be problems caused to the vertebra due to many reasons such as wrong posture or aging. The initial stages are curable, but when the pain becomes unbearable, it is a call for the artificial disc replacement or ADR. As the name suggests, it is the introduction of an artificial disc that performs all the functions of a real disc. There are many clinics that offer artificial disc replacement in Poland and other countries around the world.

Following are the factors which one should consider before heading for an artificial disc replacement surgery.

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  • When is there a need for ADR?

The symptoms of the disc wear and tear are simple, but they can be easily mistaken to be muscle pain or other problems. Thus, it becomes crucial to know what the condition is when one should opt for an artificial disc replacement. If the person is experiencing continuous pain in the neck and arms, which radiates to the shoulders and arms, it can be a sign to look for a doctor. Patients have also complained of numbness and tingling in the fingers while suffering from disc problems. The balance of the body and movement is also affected in such condition.

  • Why choose artificial disc replacement?

There are many advantages of artificial disc replacement in Poland that include quicker recovery of the patient after the surgery. As the ADR does not involve any alteration in the original structure of the spinal cord and bones, it is much better than that of fusion surgery. It is also effective to make the movement of the patient normal and relief from the back and neck pain.

The artificial disc replacement in Poland has all the facilities for the patients. The best clinics offer good treatment and care after the surgery. Patients are suggested to consider the pros and cons of the ADR before they decide to take up the treatment.